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1994F2507.3L 08-16-2014 11:20 PM

2004 F250 HPOP Screen, Metal Contamination
New to 6.0, I'm a detroit mechanic, and have experience with the 7.3

was getting codes for EGR, decided to do bulletproof EGR cooler, hooked up Insight CTS from my 97, found oil temps north of 235. Ordered oil cooler kit. went through teardown today, found the HPOP screen torn on one of the sections, and metal both steel (magnetic), and probably aluminum on the remaining screen sections. cut the oil filter in half and looked through it found metal shavings, again magnetic and non magnetic in the oil filter. owner complaint of engine miss though i did not experience it.

the question i have is would this be a lower bearing issue or be originating in the HPOP and injection system?

cheezit 08-16-2014 11:33 PM

You may not like my awnser but here ya go. There is a small amount of metal flow and its normal. Now if your seeing copious amounts thats another issue.
You will see signs of some metal in the filter housing.
Torn screens under the oil cooler are common, they do like to deposit debris in the ipr more frequently when that happens.

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