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brain75 08-11-2014 01:19 PM

Relocation advice - sold my house
So I finally sold my house that has been golden handcuffs for the last 12 years. (Pot sales apparently have driven a pretty huge real estate market drive, bigger than the flood damage.) I got almost exactly what I wanted out of it (had to hold onto it 11 years after my situation changed - got about 10% appreciation in 10 yr)

Rent is sky high, well not Manhattan high, but it's seen something over 50% increase personally. Landlord did 25%, then 20%, and now 33% in the last 15 months).

I'm sick of this state (Colorado)... I know a great many people grow sick of their state and Colorado is ranked really high on 'where I would rather be', but lets say that for a number of reasons I want out.

If it was you, single, no kids, no property (anymore), no reason to stay (job is inconsequential). Where would you relocate to. And guys/gals this is a pretty serious question, we all dream of living on a beach in Key West, but how many of us want to relocate there permanently.

You can give reasons, justifications, or not at all. Just tell me where your thoughts take you. I have several candidates, but I want more ideas (sorry not that much of a creative type when it comes to dreaming up stuff).

Some notes, I am keeping the truck manual (modern) and drum brake (restored), no AC. I have enough money to relocate so this isn't a help me on a budget cry for help. I like the warm weather, a lot, very a lot - one of the top 5 reasons for leaving CO is the -30 degree winters.

I only have 1 rule for this thread:
If someone posts a place, reasons, even places to not and reasons to not, do not attack those places, reasons, or them, etc - keep your posts to input not repudiation. (I will ask a mod to lock the thread or delete comments if I have to, but I don't want that, I want input.)

Oh and if you have a lovely picture of said location, be sure to include the truck when possible.

abeagle 08-11-2014 02:13 PM

The weather is generally nice in Southwestern VA where we live and East Tennessee is a little warmer. Our winters can be cold at times, but I would not think it is Colorado cold. There are mountains (Blue Ridge in VA and Smokies in TN) if you like those, but most is just ridge and valley area. Many hiking and biking trails. Lake fishing for bass and fly fishing is readily available if that is of interest.

The areas are often rural with larger towns around the 60k size with good medical facilities and decent retail. Employment options are not the greatest at the present economy, but depends on your occupation options. The area is generally conservative, but the metro areas of VA especially seem to over-ride the rural conservative areas. Not sure if you want conservative or more liberal.

There are many car and truck enthusiasts in the area with TN probably having more, especially in the Chattanooga area. I also have a tri-five Chevy and there are many of those owners in the Chattanooga area. Local clubs here in our VA area have about 70 or so members most of the time.

If interested for more info, let me know or send a private message.


49f3dls 08-11-2014 03:06 PM

We are in central Ky from Chicago for a lot of the reasons you want out of CO but we still have four seasons. If money, Family and other reasons didn't matter I would head for the San Juan islands off WA weather is great all year and beautiful area. Hope you find the right place

brain75 08-11-2014 04:24 PM

Four seasons... hehe, I know that was on my gripe but never even thought to clarify for the folks who haven't been here... it can snow and hail right up to mothers day (here the locals all plant gardens on mothers day never earlier), and then a week later it is 90 degrees.
I never think to gripe as much about that, but it is so true, locals claim Colorado has 2 seasons: Snow and Construction.... there is about a week in may and most all of the month of Sept is "nice" (doves leave en mass the 1st weekend - dove season is typically 3 days and then wasted).

Don Vito 08-11-2014 04:25 PM

Arizona, I moved here from Connecticut 17 yrs ago and love it, I'm in North Phx now but I'd suggest Northern AZ, Prescott, Chino Valley, not hot in Summer and not freezing in winter.

AXracer 08-11-2014 04:53 PM

I live in central NC and IMHO it's about ideal. Weather is great (a little humid in summer) we might see enough snow to accumulate 1-2 x a year (some years not at all) if grass starts to show white everything closes and everyone goes home to wait until it melts. Sometimes schools close day before on prediction of snow. Winter is ~ 6-8 weeks long mostly above freezing. Summer is 24 weeks long, Blue skies most of the time; 2 hrs to the ocean with the best wide white sand beaches in US, 3 hrs to the great Smokey Mts; Lots of pro and semi-pro (aka college) sports: Basketball, football, hockey, baseball; world class auto racing in a straight line, around and around, turn left right up and down; Culture and history; Top flight medical care; Moderate living and housing costs; High tech central; Friendly people. What's not to like???

brain75 08-11-2014 05:28 PM

I was wondering when some familiar faces would show up (sorry with my super extended absence I know there are some new faces who wonder just who the heck I am).
Good to hear your $0.02 AX :)

Oh and Hi to the folks I haven't really interacted with yet, you're welcome to ping in even if you don't really know me.

So where's Jeff&Nicole, Shane, Bob, etc - 127 views and all you guys are holding your tongue?
(I can't wait to hear what our friend in ALBUQ thinks hehe)

Harrier 08-11-2014 05:38 PM

Hey Bryan. I really like Missouri.
Are you looking for big city, country, mid size city?
Central Missouri has 4 solid seasons. Cost of living is pretty low. I live right in the center of the state so I'm a couple of hours for KC, St. Louis and Springfield. I don't like big cities, so it works out great. You have access to everything you need, but are away from the populous.

Missouri has great hunting and fishing if you like that type of thing.

Does your career limit where you can go?
Oh, you know Bob won't suggest his area. It's too cold. :)

brain75 08-11-2014 06:02 PM

You don't have to suggest where you live, suggest where you would go :P
I'm a farm kid born - nearest neighbor was miles away so no walking down the street or riding your bike (down a dirt road) over.
I spent years in a small city (8k), and lived in Denver ("big city" but yeah not Manhattan or DFW big)... I know that I do not want to go huge like Manhattan or DFW, etc.

Enjoying life is more than anything what I want now. Colorado for all the snow covered brochures and such is 15% humidity or less all the time. I've found that my sinuses like more humidity than that, my aching bones like more humidity (though not changes - like all oldies I hurt when the weather changes).

ben73058 08-11-2014 06:11 PM

Hey Bryan,
Good to see you back on here!!! Come to Austin - seems like the
place to be this year.
o It's Austin - Great Music, Good looking girls, Tex Mex Food, BBQ, Lot's of cold Lone Star & Shiner, Lakes, Rivers, Great Bars, Austin City Limits Festival, South by Southwest, ....

o It "never" snows (well not what anyone else would call snow).

o Great Job Market & No State Income tax.

o A Liberal Blue dot in a conservative state. (Suburbs are conservative if you like that).

o It's 14 hours to Denver to visit your friends and family.

Not so Positives:
o Rent & Housing costs are rising fast.

o No Pro Sports - just the Univ. of Texas (semipro).

o Summer lasts from May through till Halloween. Hot Very Hot.
It can be 108 degrees in Feb or Oct.

o Jan/Dec. we have Cedar Fever Season. If you have asthma don't move here.

o Our traffic is bad - IH 35 is worse than I25 & I70 I promise.

o Property Taxes are bad. $10K a yr. for a normal house.

Have Fun.

Ben in Austin
1950 F1

Doc 08-11-2014 06:24 PM

Hey Bryan. Congratulations on the newly-found freedom. Obviously, we vote for what we know, and what we hear about. I can honestly say this forum has taught me more about the living conditions of the various areas of this country than anything else in quite a while. Yeah, I know, I don't get out much, Lol. My vote would be anywhere between the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia down to about Knoxville, TN, with the Kentucky border forming the western boundary and the Great Smoky Mtn National park and the Blue Ridge forming the eastern border of my search area. Close proximity to the Appalachian mountains for recreation and enjoyment, but yet plenty of rolling farmland type terrain to allow for "easy" living. Plus it's a relative active area for industry, has great healthcare facilities, good schools, and a good interstate system to get you out of there anytime you want. However, Ax's area over in North Carolina is also pretty nice. I also like the south-central area of Pennsylvania.

bigwin56f100 08-11-2014 06:31 PM

You know, the GRASS isn't always greener somewhere else LOL!

I have lived in the Denver area 25 years ago and was just there last month what a difference!

Sometimes the cold gets you down I'm sure but so does the heat! I live in Ohio and I really like it here. I like 4 seasons, I like there are no veniumious snakes here.

Basically everywhere has goods and bads and you will have to figure what you can live with and without

Doc 08-11-2014 06:49 PM

The general personality of the population of people living there would also have a bearing on where I chose as well. I'm talking about how people act at places like Walmart or the grocery store. It varies greatly from area to area. Speaking of Walmart, when you narrow your search, go there on the first day of the month. If it's pure pandemonium, and crazy fools are running every direction, just move on. :-X22

dadgonebroke 08-11-2014 06:59 PM

There's only about 5 or 6 states (I think) that have no state income tax. Florida is one of them. That's a big plus!

Florida has no tax on groceries except beer and prepared foods, etc. License plates are fairly cheap too- 2012 car tags cost $142 for 2 years. I'm in Kansas now and the same car is $700 a year!

Orlando and south has too many people and too much traffic. Orlando and north actually has real trees (not so many palm trees) and hills and a lot less people. Real estate can be reasonably priced if you don't need water near you.


Marauder2004 08-11-2014 07:17 PM

Welcome back and I'll chime in and say that I have to agree with Doc. The I-81 corridor from Shenandoah down through Roanoke and into TN is pretty spectacular to those of us here. Just a few miles to the south and southeast is some great farm land in Franklin, Floyd, and Pittsylvania counties. Some say Franklin county moonshine is some of the best too- but I'll refrain from commenting on that! :)
I saved for future reference the timing pointer pic you were kind enough to share last summer when I was trying to get old grumpy running!

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