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Bone Wallace 08-08-2014 10:33 AM

1978 F150 4x4 rebuild, with cummins..
Grandfather bought it back in 1978 used it only around the house and farm. Had 20k on it when my father got it, he put another 40-50k on it then I got it put a few more miles on it and it started getting a little long in the tooth. Bought a freightliner 200hp cummins p-pump. a518 trans mission, stock np205 tranfers case, and a whole lot of other odds and ends. Got started tearing it down about 4 weeks ago hoping to fire it up by Monday. I am going to throw up a bunch of pics to get everything caught up to where i am on it now.

My entire plan for the truck is to keep the rest of the truck stock just get enough power to pull a trailer and better fuel mileage than the original 460 in it. I am keeping the factory a/c on the truck replacing everything except the evaporator as apparently they no longer make it so hoping mine is good to go. Made a compressor bracket for the A/C because I didnt like any of the factory options on brackets or locations for it. Keeping the factory air compressor and hooking up an air dryer and tanks so I have portable air around the farm. (also planning to use the PTO off transfer case to hook up a generator so I have power also. much future) Running a vicker vane pump for power steering and hydrobrakes. Turned the pressure down to 1000psi from 3000psi, looked long and hard for a mechanical A518, finally found one, using an adjustable nitrous fuel safety switch to control over drive so I can adjust exactly where over drive shifts at. deep sump transmission pan, 40k gvw trans cooler, new alum rad, new condensor, 2000 ish ford intercooler, 4 inch of lift which I tried not to have to do but is really required to get enough clearance for me to feel good about the front driveshaft and starter relationship. Fatmat sound proofing (where I am currently at now) tore completely down to bare frame and coming back up.

Motor when we picked it up, I say we but props to my brother for taking a weekend he had plans and picking this up and crating it to ship to me.

Finally got it here and did some degreasing and paint work

Front clip off truck trial fit to see what gets cut and replaced etc. also have the A/C compressor mounted in this pic, and my other brother photobombing the pic....

so far so good, fits better than anyone would ever think possible.

used ratchet straps to slowly position it where i wanted it from side to side etc so I could hold it there and make my mounts

side view pre hydroboost

Happy with the fit, mounts etc tear down has begun.

some more tear down carnage...

this joker is long with t case on it.

sand blasted front end

sand blasted rearend

sand blasted frame. Also welded all mounts solid, made crossmembers and did all welding while it was like this before painting. Did this all in one day and painted it as I dont like fresh sandblasting to set long as it tends to surface rust super fast.

starting to go back together with 4 inch lift

about there, someone forgot to order a drop pitman arm...

motor back in so I can tighten all mounts lines adjust tv cable etc etc before cab is back on

floors were great other than the A/C trail on the pass floor I replaced a small peice of it with some pin holes. maybe a 3 by 8 patch panel.

primer and etcher

candy apple red

firewall next, easier to do these and then set it on frame for rest just have to get enough I can cover motor and etc.

candy apple red firewall,

time to put it on, made a lift outa 4x4s and a 2x4, use forktruck and set it back on.

and its back. placed a 10x25 peice of 4 mil plastic over frame then cut and taped it to the body biscuits so it wouldnt be between cab mount and biscuit. now I can spray away and not worry about overspray on my frame or motor.

had to peek under the plastic some.

now to start on the IC fitment.

cant get over how well it fits

of course plenty of hood clearance

this thing looks smaller than the 460 now..

well not going to lie the IC fitment is probably the worse thing about the entire build, its pretty tight getting it in there without butchering a bunch of stuff...

but it will fit just take your time and do small things one at a time and keep fitting, still have to trim the grill and grill surround some but not a lot.

happy with IC fitment everything test fitted time for some new shine..

My likes

now bookoos of little aggrevating interior peices and sound deadener...

Nothing Special 08-08-2014 01:01 PM

Wow, all that in 4 weeks? I'm impressed!

One suggestion for your posting technique. If you put the description of the picture above rather than below the picture it's easier to understand the picture as I'm scrolling down, rather than going down to the description and back up to the picture. But that's just a little picky thing. Again, I'm really impressed! Looking forward to more from you!

Bone Wallace 08-08-2014 02:36 PM

In all fairness of 4 weeks I had been gathering parts for a lot longer than that. I only started on assembling and actually tearing into the truck 4 weeks ago.

the pic thing is just the pic description as far as I know it autos to the bottom of it, I didnt type them in after I posted the pics its the pic post that puts it there.

Nothing Special 08-08-2014 05:03 PM

I'm still impressed. There's no way I'd get anywhere near that much done in 4 months!

Bone Wallace 08-18-2014 12:33 PM

Not alot of change in truck at the moment have the inner fenders and rad support etc done and on the truck been working on little things. Got most the wiring done, ( If someone knows how to go from the ford 4 wire neutral switch to the dodge 3 wire please please let me know lol) engine is running, very impressed with the throttle response of it. Started filling up tranny fluid and got to the 18th quart and sprung a leak, figured it was just a loose line or hose something, crawled under it to discover the adapter is leaking between the transmission and transfer case. So have to pull the transfer case and reseal it. Made my rear driveshaft and went to put the new U joints in and the parts house gave me the wrong u joints... Have everything about buttoned up motor wise and transmission wise just have to fix the leak and make my bottom radiator hose. Dual batteries done, vacuum pump for a/c installed still have to wire it in, thinking I will jump off the fan switch so when it is turned on the vacuum pump turns on. Gotta bleed the brakes and fix a power steering leak that wont go away. Just down to the little stuff. Then off for Exhaust and A/c Lines.

Bone Wallace 12-29-2014 09:46 AM

Need help looking for the 2 wre plug for an a618 O/D plug in for the transmission, Want a factory style only. name the price i have to have one.

Also have way finished it just havent updated the post have around 8k on the swap so far few small issues nothing major though. Love it. will be better once I get a plug to make overdrive work correctly though.

1972RedNeck 12-30-2014 09:15 PM

What is that intercooler out of?

Bone Wallace 12-30-2014 09:25 PM

99-2002 F350, Some where plastic end caps and some where aluminum. I am going to change it out soon for an aluminum one when I find one. I need to cut about 5 inches off the top of it for some more clearance and cant do so with the plastic end caps.

79Supercab 01-08-2015 04:16 PM


Originally Posted by Bone Wallace (Post 14946049)
Need help looking for the 2 wre plug for an a618 O/D plug in for the transmission, Want a factory style only. name the price i have to have one.

Also have way finished it just havent updated the post have around 8k on the swap so far few small issues nothing major though. Love it. will be better once I get a plug to make overdrive work correctly though.

Nice. Got pics of your radiator hoses and how they're routed?

I started my swap a couple weeks ago and will be at that stage in a week or so.


E-Works 01-31-2017 04:18 PM

What did you use for a trans mount for the A518/A618

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