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Royson12 08-01-2014 08:50 PM

Electric Pyro vs Analog Pyro?
Looking at some VDO gauges at Summit Racing. The Pyro gauge says it analog? Some say Electric? What's the difference? Which is better? I am looking at the VDO's, because back when I was young, they seemed to be top of the line. They are now modestly priced, I hope the quality is there. I have looked at some of the others, and they are pricey. I am not racing, or anything like that. So, I just want something functional, and accurate enough for my application. Thanks for any suggestions, and advice.

tjc transport 08-02-2014 05:50 AM

i would assume they are talking about the gauge, with electronic meaning a digital readout, and analog meaning a sweeping pointer on dial style.

DIYMechanic 08-02-2014 06:55 PM

Agreed. Any EGT gauge I have seen is electronic in that they all use a variable resistance thermocouple to get their reading. I'm not even sure what a mechanical EGT gauge would be, lol. Can you imagine a wet bulb style gauge that would read to 1500 degrees?

I can't vouch for VDO, but I can empathize with your position. I committed the cadinal sin here a few weeks back and bough cheap gauges for my truck (Glowshift). I'm happy so far and for what I spent I figured it was worth the gamble. I would have loved to get some ISSPRO gauges but I didn't have $500 to spend so I got my three gauges for about half that from Glowshift. I know there are a lot of mixed reviews on these, but in this case, the need and budget dictated that I had to go cheap. So far, so good (knock on wood). I had some more inexpensive Sunpro gauges in my old truck and those worked well too. I'd look those routes if you're looking to save a buck or two.

Royson12 08-05-2014 03:23 PM

Will do, I'm still shopping around. I have a chip on the way, so I need to get some gauges. I'm no drag racer or sled puller, just a rv type. So I don't want to go to overboard. My truck is just used for my cabover camper(small light one). And the toy trailer.

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