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'50'sFever 07-31-2014 05:10 PM

1956 Ford F-100 Pickup, Long Bed- $7800.
1956 Ford F-100- First year for 8 ft. Long Bed on 1/2 ton chassis. Good overall condition.
Has 1982 Ford 5.0 L. H.O. (302 c.i.) V-8 motor, Edlebrock 4-Bbl. carb & manifold. Pertronix ignition module. Good, otherwise stock, smooth running engine. Ford SVO cast alum. valve covers.
Transmission is 1979 Ford C-4 Auto., w/new torq. convrt. & front seal. Rear end/differential is 1973 Ford Torino - 9" w/2.75 gears.
Front suspension is 1980 Chrysler LeBaron/Volare, bolted-on, not welded-on. It has caster correct, re-enforced front notches in original truck frame. Power steering & disc brakes. All wheels- five lug, 4 " bolt pattern. New poly bushings & ball joints on upper/lower arms, torsion bars and main mounts to original truck frame. Torsion bars adjustable for desired front stance.
Rest of truck pretty much stock with repaint. Has very comfortable, reupholstered front bench seat. Overhead center console with AM/FM, cassette radio, graphic equalizer, 40 chnl. CB radio. Carpeted floorboard w/black rubber mat overlay.
Like new condition tires - 235/75R-15" Coopers.
Sheetmetal is good & straight. Lower cab corners good originals. Has small patch pieces on under/backside of lower fronts. Last picture of front, left cab corner, under wheel well- shows light green area, which is original willow green, where undercoating has peeled off. Lower front doors have minor rust pits showing.
Front mount hood hinges.
Bed has very good metal, but wood boards are rotted at ends. PO had left bed mat in place while parked outside.
Originally, truck was 6 cyl, Ford-O-Matic. Extra 1956, 6 cyl., 223 c.i. motor, complete - fan-to-3-spd. std. trans, goes along with truck - if you want. Also, original front & rear ends with brakes, springs & steering box/linkage. Mileage showing on replaced odometer is 58,316.
No trades, unless you have a comparable condition '56 short-bed.

'50'sFever 08-12-2014 01:04 AM

a little more info & price drop...
I did some work on the auto column shifter plate so now it can't be easily knocked out of park into reverse or up to reverse from drive. Lever now functions as designed.
Also, came across some rust holes on backside of lower front right cab corner. I'd estimate a patch plate/panel for repair- nothing major as cab corner replacement.
Price down to $7400. Thank you.

NoBowTiesHere 08-12-2014 09:55 AM

sweet ride,nice!

volkerma 08-15-2014 02:14 PM

Is your truck still available? You can email me at [email protected].



'50'sFever 08-15-2014 07:23 PM

interest rquest...
Thank you, Volker- yes, still available. email sent. john

'50'sFever 08-16-2014 11:02 PM

Truth stranger than fiction...
This seems surreal to me, but I attest it's the truth. A few days ago, I got an email noting this same vehicle on was on ebay.
I did not put it on ebay.
I have had this vehicle only on this FTE sale site and on Craigslist Tucson & Phx.
A fraudulent ebay member lifted my pics & most of my verbiage & ran my truck on an ebay auction. I do not know this person or have I given any other person permission to offer or sell my vehicle.
Please contact me if anyone wants to see/drive the truck & we'll arrange it.
If we make a cash deal my request for final transaction is at Benson, AZ bank.
Or I would consider a $500. USPS money order (down/hold/payment) sent in one or two day priority letter, along with a cashier's/bank check, for the balance. There would be a seven day wait period for clearing, after I deposit it. Then you or your agent & I will meet at bank, etc.
My sincere thanks to all for their interest & emails re this vehicle.
I did edit this post to remove my verboseness. I apologize.
My regards,

'50'sFever 08-19-2014 03:35 PM

Just to make sure...
As some may know, looking at the unauthorized ebay listing of my copied ad, that auction ended with three vying bidders and final amount of $7900. There was an unmet reserve price and hopefully none of the bidders are still trying to deal with this fraudulent lister. That listing did not have a vehicle ID #.
I want to reiterate this vehicle is mine, in my garage and the title is clean, clear, under no contest or dispute. It been clear/clean under the ownership of the last two previous owners and this goes back into the '80's. No disputes or contests. No construction, salvage or state issued #s involved. Just the number Henry gave it in '56, which is unmolestedly displayed on door opening factory tag/plate and stamped on top of front, right frame member.
Thank you... John

'50'sFever 08-22-2014 11:03 PM

Update- just put this on ebay....
So, the listing now on ebay, for this vehicle, is legit. Ebay seller is 'steelmech', which be I. Thank you, '50's...

'50'sFever 09-11-2014 04:43 PM

Vehicle Sold. Thank you.

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