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jhweigel 07-28-2014 08:16 AM

Color coded wiring diagram for 48-50 Ford truck
To FatFender Friends:

I found this online and ordered one. It is 11 by 17 laminated and all wiring is shown in the actual stock wiring insulation colors. I think it will be helpful when I aam troubleshooting wiring issues, and especially helpful if I need to be re-wiring anything. Classic Car Wiring: Automotive

I bought mine from amazon, but you can also order it online from

It's $17 but worth it for me.


FortyNiner 07-28-2014 08:34 AM

Good tip Joe. While it was a bit more work, one of the most useful things I did was maintain the original color scheme during rewiring. Troubleshooting electrical issues doesn't involve translation - saving my sorry head further complication.

The Shop Manual and Operator's Manual have B&W diagrams for the color-challenged.


Sparky2531 07-28-2014 10:19 AM

Thanks Joe...Just purchased one.

jhweigel 07-30-2014 04:47 PM

color coded wiring diagram
I got mine yesterday and it looks to be as advertised. I have been using the shop manual wiring diagram to trouble shoot electrical issues. The big color coded one is good for my old eyes anyway.

fastlane65 08-05-2014 06:20 PM

Been using these for years. Color, laminated, easy to read, hard to destroy.
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