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Wodahs 07-19-2014 05:19 AM

ok whos a supercharger injection 351m/400 whipple expert ?
my plan is to build up a 400 with a pair of cj v4 oc heads with aprox 76cc , an aprox 32cc forged anodised piston set with a ecu set up sequential spark and injection intake toped by a whipple with a valley mounted intercooler sunk down in the valley with a modified manifold (that I will build out of a twin carb cleveland one)
my estimate with them internals will put it at approx. 8 to 1 cr and with the 203 whipple at 12 psi it will end up in the area of an aprox high 13's 1 compression ratio
with hopefully an aod (or e4od) matched up behind it and ending with a 9" ratio of 3.25 to 1 in heavy ltd street car

so ok whos a supercharger injection 351m/400 whipple expert , what you kink and what am I missing or should be thinking about if any thing

also have a crower cam for this build and can post details and can discuss my ideas on the injection induction set up I have planned even the can sensor pick up and crank pick up I have planned

Blurry94 07-19-2014 11:35 PM

For something like this, I would steer away from the AOD unless it is built.

Are you looking at aftermarket EFI, and how do you plan on fueling your combo?

Wodahs 07-22-2014 04:05 AM

not sure if aftermarket or not as I have a new late model ford ecu efi system and if it can be moded to suit then may use

plan on fueling the combo ??? not sure the question there

and as for the aod yep id have one built and for high hp

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