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Greg5OH 07-07-2014 12:58 AM

91 crewcab with SD running gear. Frame off resto build.
Getting ready to do a frame off resto on my 91 2wd f350 crewcab SRW.

Truck is an occasional summer daily driver and main winter rig. And general truck purposes.

Already have :
05 dana 60 front clip with dually hubs.
divorced ford np205
steering box and all suspension + stock steering bits.

A matching super duty 3.73 LSD pickup dually width rear end.
Hydroboost braking unit
front DS

Got on this idea of running same offset singles all around on a dually with axles.
Then got the idea of running H1 24bolt wheels on Goodyear MTR.
I would need to recenter them with 8x170 centers, however I am thinking with the dually width axles, I would like to maintain stock -7 backspace. Would clear everything, have decent bearing life, and give the truck a wider track width without having high negative offset wheels.
OR since I would like to use the fully stock H1 wheel, use an adapter-and using the dually hubs, my total offset would'nt be too bad?

I hear the MTRs have good snow traction and highway longevity-two things which are important to me.

Not running beadlocks as I dont plan on wheeling this thing through trails.
Basically looking for a good performing and low cost wheel setup from scratch-recommendations?Also I have the fantasy of totally eliminating the inner wheel arch in the pickup bed.
Wondering what offset wheel do I need to achieve this using the dually axle.

As for clearing 35s or 37s: I dont mind cutting up the front fenders, but I do want it to be functional and not look silly. Do I need to lift the front higher than a stock SD coil sprung front end would offer me bolted to my bricknose frame?
Rear would be getting Skys 6" rear spring drop bracket, to eliminate lift blocks, just shim the end to have good pinion angle.

I will have alot of questions along the way so bear with me please.
Truck body is getting painted with CAT dawn grey paint, rest of chassis in medium black.
Powered by a 250 horse turbo IDI ZF5 div-NP205.

Truck Guy99 07-07-2014 01:17 AM

Im subbed!

Greg5OH 07-07-2014 09:11 AM

Pics of the NP205 and 05 front clip. going to order new spring buckets.
Right costs 87, left 30. Conveniently it is the right that is rotted out. Might as well spend 30 more bucks and not have to deal with drilling out 8 rivets.

Looks like ill be in almost 500 more for wheels though, because I need to get the 4 whummer wheels recentered to an 8x170 bolt pattern. $1500 for wheels and 37" 90% tires aint too bad but...still alot..well see what i can dig up locally in the mean time. 37s for sure as these trucks just look RIGHT with that size.

Everyone gets the hummer wheels with a high negative offset built..i want stock offset, (9" wheel with -7 backspace), they will sit nicely on my dually hiubs. Havent dont any real measurements yet though.

Ordered a gallon of high gloss black enamel from Caterpillar (if its good enough for a 12' bulldozer blade its good enough for my frame),
will be painting the chassis in the black colour, getting it on nice and thick.
Also ordered a gallon of Dawn Grey which is kind of like machine/floor/navy ship grey in medium gloss. This is for the body panels,engine and wheels.
Real simple. Real durable.

Hunting for a turbo kit and rear end currently.

Greg5OH 07-07-2014 09:21 AM

Wondeirng if I can use the 05 steering box on my frame? My box is shot would be nice if i could reuse this one.

Greg5OH 07-07-2014 10:32 AM

Im really split (no pun intended) between the hummer 24 bolt wheels and a traditional 16" wheel..i dunno!
can get normal sizes with wheels for liek 4-500, or hummer setup will be 1400-1600 bucks..

Diesel_Brad 07-07-2014 05:17 PM

Just remember, the 05+ duallys are NOT 8 on 170mm, they are 8 on 200mm and need 17" wheels

Good luck finding ANY wheel in 8 on 200mm Single wheel

Greg5OH 07-07-2014 08:33 PM

thanks Brad, didnt know this.
So, im in a bit of a pickle with the front being 8x200.

Aparantly I can take off the front dually adapters, and bolt on a 8x170 to 8x6.5 adapter, is this correct? The coarse thread bolts that hold the dually adapter on at 8x170?
If so then i will probably do that, and find a 99-04 3.73 rear end to match the front. But the fornt still has big brakes that wont clear a 16" rim unless i grind the caliper a bit or I have the rim spaced far enough as to where it wont hit the caliper..

Plan was to run dually front and rear, then I can run stock offset hummer wheels, which would give good poke without a crazy offset.

Now im all confused. Maybe trailworthy fab can make me 8x200 centers...but then need a dana 80 8x200 rear end too.

This is all getting very costly.

Diesel_Brad 07-07-2014 08:38 PM

I THINK the inner pattern is 8 on 170 but not 100%

So yes, you could do away with the dually hubs and go with a 8 on 6.5 adapter

Greg5OH 07-07-2014 09:44 PM

Id have to press out the course studs and put in fine thread studs then no? Or is it easier to swap the hubs?

Nealcrenshaw 07-08-2014 12:06 AM

Need pics man!!!!!!

Greg5OH 07-08-2014 12:11 AM

only pics i have are the ones i posted, just getting started by collecting parts.

However might be picking up a complete running 93 f350 this week for 1000 bucks to swap the stuff over to mine (or my body on its frame). Not as exciting as the coil sprung stuff but...with a full donor truck seems much easier and cheaper. Would still take it down to nothing and rebuild it from scratch regardless which route I take.
If i run teh leaf stuff id do a 3" front shackle reversal and the 6" rear drop mounts, and eliminate the 4" factory lift block.
Seems like a quicker way to get my hummer wheel and tire fetish satisfied.

junkkingranch 07-08-2014 10:11 AM

May not be concern any longer, but I believe you can use the Superduty steering boxes on the older frames. copied this off of Powerstroke nation. Guy put a 2005 axle on air bags in a 96 or 97. He used the 2005 box if I remember right.

"Still working on steering box first one is a 97 f250 (original truck had lift so pitman arm doesn't work and needs to be reamed out), second is 2002 superduty (fits perfectly but needs pitman reamed out) third is a 2005 which has pitman arm that fits but has bigger bolts on box housing."

Greg5OH 07-08-2014 11:16 AM

that is definitly great news, as I have the complete front clip, and my current box is shot so using this one would be great!

Im definitly curious to see how the 37s will fit under the front of the truck with this suspension. I know my truck is lighter than current super duties so they springs shouldnt compress as much, and I dont mind modifying my fenders. Just dont want any rubbing issues on hard parts is all.
If it will all work with factory ride height that is great as it saves me a ton of money and time.
We shall see!

current issue is the bolt pattern. The SRW and DRW front brake rotors have same measurements on rock auto, however the dually adapter is bolted to the hub using coarse thread lugs.

Can i simply unbolt the dually adapter, and bolt on a 8x170 wheel that uses those special flat nuts with built in washer??

DIYiT 07-08-2014 12:27 PM

Is there any advantage to using a Super Duty steering box? I'm not familiar with the differences between the OBS and SD units.

Greg5OH 07-09-2014 02:22 AM

Duno but it doesnt leak like mine and is ****ing huge and heavy. Close to 50 lbs id say.

Was a good day. Took the dually extenders off and measured 8x170 with 125mm hub bore.
The hub has M14x2 wheel studs with 36mm of thread engagement.
At the fattest part of the caliper-just before the banjo fitting, the OD at this point is 16" +/- 0.25".

Need to get exact measurement of the inside of the H1 24 bolt wheel to confirm the max amount of backspacing permissible without any clearance issues.

So the SRW 07 rear end Im picking up will have the 8x170 bolt pattern as well and my front widths should be pretty much the same-just like on a stock 05 SD. Will be getting the wheels built unless i can find some used as ive seen on Pirate before. Wheels are last thing I need so for now just gathering more parts.

Funny, the right side coil bucket is rotted out compared to he left side on the 05 frame I have. Coincidentally the roight coil bucket costs about 90 bucks while the left one which is fine, costs 30...Supply and demand eh Ford??

My final thoughts and questionsto run my desired 24 bolt H1 wheel.
-I ot 8x170 bolt pattern. I got 5.1" between SRW WMS and largest part of the caliper. Which is 16" diameter. The width tapers to this going inwards toward the axle. Dont know what the ID is but,
I can have them re centered to 5" backspacing with 8x170 centers. This 250 a wheel.
or I can buy 8x170 to 8x6.5 adapters in 2" for about 200 for all 4. (acutally gotta check measurement son that rear end first).

Anyway, both the recenter and spacer method will net me 5" backspace to clear my brakes (in theory).
cost: recentered-250 a wheel
adaper: 40 a wheel, plus 45-50 a corner for adapter. <100 bucks a wheel.
Or buy mounted on (stock) 24 bolt wheels MTRs shipped for 1100.

some pics:

this weeks project, just get everything whire wheeled, and brush some paint on it.

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