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heatseaker1 07-03-2014 05:49 AM

Oil pressure problem
Posted this on another site but didn't get a response.

Ok so here's the deal. Over the last year and a half or so I have been having problems with my 2006 F150. Originally it sounded like a diesel sometimes when the rmps would drop. It would carry on like that for 10 -15 seconds then it would clear itself up and sound fine. After several weeks it would start acting up at higher rpm's as well. Did some research on here and determined it was most likely the cam phasers so I replaced them along with the timing chain, tensioners and guides. Seemed to be better at higher rpm's but would still make the diesel sound when the revs would drop. I disconnected the VCT solenoids and this seemed to fix that problem but it had a miss under load and less power since the timing was i guess stuck in whatever position and I drove it for a couple months cause I didn't have a chance to mess with it. I replaced the solenoids a while later and that seemed to be the ticket. Ran real good and was a lot quieter. Until this weekend. I drove it out of town for a tractor show and was hauling a little 6x12 trialer with a*garden*tractor*on it. The whole rig couldn't have been much more than 1500 lbs. Did real good for most of the way of the 190 mile trip out except for the last 20 miles or so. Seemed to just not have as much power. I was bucking a pretty strong head wind and hauling the trailer so didn't think much of it. The was home was a different story. Ran normal for the first 50 miles or so then started to seem real weak then the engine went in to limp mode and the CEL started blinking. Looked down and the oil pressure on the idiot gauge had dropped to nothing. Limped it about a mile to the next exit and shut it down in a parking lot. Let it set for a bit and restarted it but made the same diesel sound, oil pressure lookd like it cam back but after about 30 seconds at idle it fell off again. Called my uncle to bring a trailer and it sat for about an hour and a half. When I started it to put it on the trailer the gauge said it had oil pressure for the 3-4 minutes it was running during loading but still sounded rough. It now sits at my uncle's nearly 3 hours away and I'm trying to decided the best way to approach it.

I know that all the timing is hydraulic controlled and it sounded very similar to how it sounded when the cam phasers were acting up and it was constantly missing making the diesel sound. I understand its optimistic but would a clogged oil pick up or bad oil pump cause this by not providing the oil pressure to the solenoids and such on the top end?

Update. I had my uncle start it. I wanted to see how it ran when cold. Initial start up made some noise, most likely from no oil on the top end but only lasted a couple seconds. Ran smooth and sounded normal for a few but just about the time the temp gauge started to move it made that diesel rattle and he shut it down.

Any ideas?

1saxman 07-03-2014 09:45 AM

Possible sludged-up engine with sludge blocking the oil pick-up screen and/or oil drains in heads. Assuming you have been checking the oil level throughout this period and know that the oil level is good and the oil is still somewhat transparent. I would also pull the oil filter and examine it, looking for anything unusual. Just for grins, put a new one on, add a little make up oil and see if it makes any difference. Otherwise, I would be planning to pull the oil pan and see what it looks like inside.
Just curious, what oil and viscosity have you been using, and did you buy the truck new?

heatseaker1 07-03-2014 04:31 PM

The oil looks pretty good. Transparent caramel color and not burnt but then again its not that long ago that I changed it. I always use 5W-20 as per the manual but did toss in a half a quart of 10W-30 about 500 miles ago to top it off cause I was taking a road trip and its all I had on hand at the time. Wouldn't think that a half a quart would make make any difference. I read rumors that people were recommended 5W-30. I'm gonna trailer it home next weekend. I'll check the filter and drain and probe the bottom of the pan to see if there is any sludge.

TransWorxs 07-04-2014 10:08 AM

I would first hook up a oil pressure gauge and see exactly what it's reading if it's running low on oil the tensioner will not hold tension on the chains causing it to rattle. It will also affect the vct. If it has lower oil pressure I would remove the pan and check the pick up for any sludge or any type of blockage. If all is good pull the valve covers/timing cover. Check all the tensioner gaskets as a leak here will cause low oil pressure. If all is good I would go on to replace the oil pump.

Hope this helps if you have any ?'s PM me.

heatseaker1 07-04-2014 12:34 PM

thanks for the input. I'll post an update when I get it home and get a chance to look at it.

1saxman 07-05-2014 12:50 PM

You can use all or part of 5W30 without causing any problems, particularly as a top-off like you did.

heatseaker1 07-07-2014 07:52 AM

I'll post this question in a new thread as well to maybe get more replies but what is the best way to remove the oil pan on this truck? 2006 F150 5.4l 3V 4x4. I've seen a couple different methods, one is raising the engine and one is removing suspension components. One better or easier than the other? Got complete instructions? I'll be doing this thursday and friday most likely.

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