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GB SISSON 06-30-2014 12:07 AM

Y block water pump question
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This water pump came off a 292 y block in my '58 f-600 fire truck with 3043 original miles. It needs a new one as it's leaking badly. I got a f-100 one from napa but it's quite different and mainly it doesnt have the remote fan mount. I read that the pump with the flange for a bolt on remote fan was stopped in '56, so I'm confused. Is this somehow an earlier pump than what belongs on a '58? The shaft is also about a 1/4" longer on the napa one, but it bolts on. Any help needed. This is my first y block I've had. Thanks

truckdog62563 06-30-2014 02:15 AM

Gary - here's the diagram of your pump in the 1964 edition of the Chassis Catalog for 1956 and earlier models. The diagram doesn't give the part number of the complete pump, but in the text section it lists the pump for 55/56 big truck models with the HD 239/256/272 using B6T 8501-B. Parts Voice says Green Sales in Cincinnati has one. Maybe they'd send you a picture of it.

This book lists the B6C 8501-B I cited on your other thread as used on non-HD 272s. Stu

JimG1098 06-30-2014 05:30 AM

I had my water pump ( 1954 279 ) rebuilt. came out great. let me know if thats an option for you. I'll give you the address

Harrier 06-30-2014 05:59 AM

Well that's the high fan mount water pump. It doesn't exist for sale anywhere. Now, I thought it was only for the 239, so maybe the larger engines pump is a little different.
I ended up having mine rebuilt, and so far it's working great. If you do find a source for these pumps, let me know.

Here is mine after I got it back from the rebuild. It wasn't too expensive to have it rebuilt.

GB SISSON 06-30-2014 08:51 AM

Great information. Thanks very much. I will make a few phone calls. I already mounted the napa pump and would have used it if the pulleys had lined up. The napa shaft is longer by about 1/4". I am lucky that the truck has dual thermostat controlled electric fans, so the fan mount isn't the most important part. They were auxilliary fans as the truck was from a hot and hilly area at the Columbia River Gorge.

GB SISSON 06-30-2014 08:37 PM

Called Green sales and it's 175.00 plus shipping and a 75.00 core charge which will require additional shipping. And I suppose it may still not be right. I found flying dutchman water pumps in nearby Oregon who will rebuild mine for 125.00. So off it goes. Thanks much for all the help. Now I can get back to my '47 2 ton which I was deep into when the scrap hauler offered me the fire truck for scrap price and disrupted my progress..

NumberDummy 06-30-2014 10:37 PM


Originally Posted by GB SISSON (Post 14469862)
This water pump came off a 292 y block in my '58 f-600 fire truck with 3043 original miles. It needs a new one as it's leaking badly.

I got a f-100 one from napa but it's quite different :-huh and mainly it doesnt have the remote fan mount.

You sure this '58 fire truck is an F600 and not a C600?

B6C-8501-B .. Water Pump / Obsolete

1956 F100/700 272 except H/D / 1957/60 F100/700 272 / 1957/64 F100/700 292 / 1961 C550/800 292 from serial number 160,001 / 1962/64 C550/800 292.
B7T-8501-A .. Water Pump / Obsolete

1957/60 C550/800 272/292 / 1961 C550/800 292 before serial number 160,001.
B6T-8501-B .. Water Pump / Obsolete

1955 F100/700 & C500/700 239/256 / 1956 F600/700 & C500/700 272 H/D
Are you sure this '58 fire truck has a 292? Most likely it was a domestic special order and could have a 302 or 332 Lincoln derived Y block.

arctic y block 07-13-2014 06:37 PM

Gary, ND Bill may well be on to something. I too wonder if that is a 292. I have seen a pic of the truck and know it's not a C series cab Bill. Nice truck and way to good to scrap. So get yer head out of the flat engines Gary and give us some vin and casting numbers so the Number Dummy can tell us just what ya got for sure. Or ya could buy me plain fair and I will come help ya.;) If ya do I hope it's raining or snowing. It's 78* in the house with all the doors and windows open right now and getting hotter. I cant stand it.:-arrgh I do like a nice day but this is a bit to much.

arctic y block 07-13-2014 06:38 PM

Wow I just saw how old this thread is. I was off line for a few weeks so am a bit behind.
Did ya get it going Gary?

GB SISSON 07-13-2014 10:20 PM

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And it was 85 here today! I called Flying Dutchman on friday and he says it will ship on Monday or Tuesday. He said it was in good shape for rebuilding. Here's a couple photos of this thing. I will be pulling the pump and returning the front bumper to it's rightful position, and not sure about the bed and tank at this point. The tank looks like it will come out through the back, leaving a giant pickup box! Not sure what the 5 speed tranny is. It doesn't have the funny pattern of a clark. I think it was the beautiful factory mirrors that finally sold me on this truck. And Bill, I'm not sure if it's a 292. Not too familiar with these new fangled y blocks. What numbers do I look for?

abe 07-13-2014 10:28 PM

That truck is in great shape! Almost too good for your fleet of patina-ed bodies.... LOL.

Rusty_Old_F250 07-13-2014 11:27 PM

I can't stand the thought of something that nice getting hauled off for scrap! Yikes! :-hair

I was thinking that truck would make a real nice roll back car hauler.


arctic y block 07-14-2014 12:14 AM

Damn I love that truck Gary. Was me I would pull the tank and all pumps
and fire stuff. Keep the bed and use it as a big pickup/shop truck thing.
It look so good with that full sided bed on it. That and the mirrors make the
truck. I cant read the vin in the pic. But someone like Bill if they could can
tell ya what engine it came with.
As I have had a few fire trucks, 47 an 46 ford and a 58 I thing la france thing.
I found there was no bed under the tanks and had to make a bed floor or
flat bed them. Making a bed floor was not to hard. Just took some sheet steel.

Ya know I was like off line for three weeks or so. And nobody missed me.
What's up with that?:'( Just kidding:-X15:-roll

Say good night Dick:-X17:-X15

GB SISSON 07-15-2014 09:47 AM

From glove box plate:

Vin F60D8R25313

WB 154

Trans H

Axle 44

GVW 17,000

HP 149 @ 3600 rpm

DSO 2549

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