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sailj22 06-04-2014 05:34 AM

First Tow 6.2 Gasser
2013 F250 Lariat 4x4 373 rear end. 5k miles on odometer.

I had 2009 F250 diesel but was never happy with it as far as MPG and towing. I towed a 24' center console boat with gross weight with trailer, full fuel and equipment of around 9k. 7 MPG is what I averaged when towing about 13 - 14 when empty. 26 gallon tank would not let me get far when towing which was another irritation. Putting auxillary tank in the bed and taking up space there was not an option for me (personal preference).

New sled is 31' center console with full fuel, trailer and equipment of around 11.5k. Towing with the 6.2 I average 7 mpg (65 mph) and I am impressed with the towing. It will take some getting used to the RPMs over the diesel but the power is there when I need it.

Mostly flat surface with quite a bit of side wind. I did not lock out any gears I just put it in Tow/Haul mode and let the tranny do what it is supposed to do. The truck mostly stayed in 4th gear with occassional 5th and more often 3rd than 5th when not in 4th.

The boat sticks up pretty high so there is a lot of drag resistance from the T-Top and windscreen.

rvpuller 06-04-2014 10:48 AM

First let me welcome you to FTE and the 6.2 forum.
Sounds like a nice boat your pulling around and a good load to test your 6.2. If you want to get a little better mileage try using the manual mode instead of the tow haul, the TH is real aggressive when it comes to down shifts when its really isn't needed. If you scroll through your message center it will tell you to turn TH off when it isn't needed but turn it back on if road conditions cause the transmission to hunt.


sailj22 06-04-2014 12:57 PM

Thanks for the welcome. I have been a lurker on here for quite sometime and when I was thinking of "upgrading" to a 6.2 from my 6.4 diesel I used the info on this site quite a bit during my research. I bought the 6.2 new in December 2012 but just got my new sled built and delivered in order to use the truck for towing the first time.

Great tip on the manual mode. It did downshift earlier than I would have done in the manual mode so I will give it a go. I just figured if the engine lugged too much it would autoshift into a lower gear automatically anyway to keep the engine from stalling.

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