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Bigfatsteve 04-13-2014 04:25 PM

Replacing Oil pump 64 F-100 292
Hey Ford heads....I was thinking about replacing the oil pump on my sons 1964 F-100 292 v8. I noticed today it was on the outside of the motor! How cool is that! I was wondering if there was any trick to it, meaning if I unbolt it, is there any drive shaft parts that I need to be careful of when removing it or be mindful of something when I re-install the new one? Rockers are a little loud and i am wondering if enough oil is getting up there. 40 pounds oil pressure now, no smoke issues.
Thanks Steve

skidoorulz 04-13-2014 04:50 PM

The oil pump drives off the distributer which drives off the cam. The shaft is a hex and will probably come out when you remove the pump. just put it in the new pump and make sure it goes back in the bottom of the distributor when you bolt it down. You may have to turn the motor so the shaft will line up to the distributor.

Bigfatsteve 04-14-2014 10:53 AM

Oil Pump
Hey thanks for the tip, it is appreciated!

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