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Rushmore X 04-05-2014 04:40 PM

Back in the Bio again!
Just thought I'd share, it's been a long cold winter. Washing one batch of fuel and just started another. I miss my $1.20 / gal fuel...

jamusfam 05-28-2014 05:05 PM

I'm looking at doing the same I've invested into a 86 6.9 diesel. Let us know what you found was the best techniques and things that work best. I got 5 55 gallon plastic drums that I'm going to use collect and make.

Rushmore X 05-28-2014 10:50 PM

Here are the steps I use:

1. Collect WVO
2. Filter WVO to remove large chunks
3. Fill reactor w/ 37.5 gallons of oil (using 50 gallon water heater)
4. Heat to 125 and add glycerol from last batch
5. Circulate and let glycerol settle out.
6. next day - drain glycerol, recover methanol from it.
7. Test Titration Levels of WVO
8. Heat WVO to 125 F and turn off heat
9. Add Methoxide (5 gallon methanol + about a gallon recovered from prior batch) to Heated WVO slowly, about 20-30 minutes
10. Mix the mixture for about 2 hours(pump mix)
11. Let it sit
12. next day - Drain off Glycerin from the bottom of tank, save for treatment of next batch
13. Recover Methanol then dry wash with Magnesol. Let set a couple days.
14. Filter bio
15. use bio

I pretreat due to some of my oil is rather acidic. by pretreating I neutralize some of the acidity. If you have really good oil you can skip this step, might want to anyway... I just seem to get better bio this way...

flainn 05-29-2014 10:39 AM

I really miss making bio. Someday ...

Rushmore X 05-29-2014 04:39 PM

I really need to find another source of oil, have enough for one more batch...

Tom D 08-07-2014 02:38 PM

Welcome back Jim. I knew you wouldn't quit. I'm still plugging along. I don't recover my methanol. Pain in the butt. What is your recovery process? Maybe I am not doing it efficiently.
What happened with the methanol/KOH mixture? Did it get too hot? I notice the mix gets very violent when it is hot out. I leave plenty of ullage space when pouring in KOH and I do it in 2 steps (4gal methanol/2 lbs KOH)
I've been very busy so I don't get on this Forum much any more. I see there is a new "breed" on here now. Lots of WMO processors. I'll stick with WVO. Don't think I'll ever go with WMO. Fabman would "be all over me like a cheap suit" There are still some of us "purists" around.
Good luck with your endeavors.


Rushmore X 08-07-2014 07:16 PM

I just recover the methanol from the bio. It does take a little time to heat up the processor to 185 and distill it off.

Yes, I did mix the 2 when it was near 100 out, you're right - very violent reaction. won't do that again...

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