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NewEnglander 02-15-2014 07:18 PM

Not sure about you guys but I'm ready for summer!!
Like the title says, I'm ready for summer!!! We just had a foot of snow a day or two ago and we are getting another 6 inches today. It's really the cold I'm getting sick of. Only seen it hit the 30's a few times this past month. Supposed to hit 45 - 50 degrees next week. Yaay for bipolar weather!

Alright so this isn't so much spam here's some pics from the summer...
These are actually all pics before I did the new rims...

I'm ready to put this bad boy back together...

Bubba Jones 02-15-2014 10:02 PM

Those trees look awesome. There aren't so many here in Arizona.

However the temperature is anywhere from 60-80 so it's pretty nice outside.

I would love to have your bumper too! I just have the standard plain bumper... I just can't justify spending 250 to 350 to get your style bumper when it won't really do anything besides looks, especially since my bumper is in good condition!

Anyways, here are some pictures of mine now since you posted yours!

Here it is outside my girlfriends place:

Okay I just posted this in my thread but I'm quite excited about it so I'll post it here too:

Here's one from last year!

Okay that's enough for now. Summer will be nice though, but here it's going to be kinda hot. At least my AC works well!

NewEnglander 02-16-2014 09:54 AM

So clean! I wish I could get my engine bay that clean. I'm hoping maybe next year to send the engine out to have it rebuilt, if I do Ill probably also do an overhaul on the engine bay to clean it up. Yes and the salt, it does miracle to my body, the fast and vast expansion of rust! That bumper is actually going, I have a rock solid pre-runner being built. This one I cut slots out for 2 tow hooks I bolted to the frame, plus the rust is starting to get to it. I think that picture of the tree is a type of Dogwood usually in the spring it's very pink, we also have a fully grown japanese maple tree in the front yard that gets very very bright red in the fall. One day a women from California stopped when I was outside to take a picture of it.

Bubba Jones 02-16-2014 11:21 AM

Oh salt... yeah I wouldn't like that. I'm glad we never need to use it here. Ha, I probably would have taken a picture of your tree too! We have some tress out here (planted, probably not native), I forgot what they are called, but in spring the get all bright purple leaves. They look really cool, but then the rest of the year they look like dead trees.. They are seen a lot in phoenix, not so much out were I live.

Yeah I just put on some AFR cylinder heads so I had a chance to really clean up the engine. My valve covers looked terrible before I painted them, and the upper intake looked kinda dirty too. The lower intake was covered in dirt also... I always try to keep the engine bay so clean, yet there was still tons of dirt on the lower intake!

I ended up cleaning everything with a wire wheel on a drill. The aluminum became shiny again, and the paint made stuff look new!

I would have liked to do the bottom end of my engine.. but I don't know anything about that, and I didn't have the money for it either. I replaced the oil pump and pickup tube, and all the gaskets and stuff, but the bottom stayed the same. The top end however is new! I'm hoping I can get a lot more miles out of my engine. I have 212k now, but I usually take it really easy, and do normal oil changes with synthetic oil.

NewEnglander 02-16-2014 12:58 PM

If I rebuild the engine I will probably stick with the Ford Blue.

This was from a few years back.

gatorfor88 02-16-2014 01:04 PM

That is a beautiful tree Ryan.

Bubba Jones 02-16-2014 03:09 PM

Yeah, that tree is pretty amazing.

We have some nice cacti and bushes out here! Honestly, the desert can be pretty beautiful too, just much different than that. I really love all the mountain we have around here.

Here are some mountains we can see from our house:

We drove up a little close to get this picture but it's pretty close to our house. These mountain are called Four Peaks. They are pretty awesome.

Then on the other side, we have these mountains:

Oh, and just to keep it on track with broncos, here is my bronco on top of Four Peaks two years ago:

It snows up there about every other year. Here is how the mountains looked like with snow from out house:

That's about the most snow I've ever seen in Arizona being here 25 years!

NewEnglander 02-16-2014 06:44 PM

Very nice. I'd love to live closer to the mountains, not that I'm very far anyways. My whole area is just rolling hills and farms.
Here's some hiking pics from the White Mountains in New Hampshire. I've got thousands of hiking pics from up here that I need to reorganize on photobucket.
Now we don't have mountains that are any bigger than 6,288ft (Mountain Washington), but Mount Washington is still considered one of the most dangerous mountain to climb in the world. Yes I said the world. I've seen on many lists that it will list next to Mount Everest even though it's a fraction of the size. It has the highest recorded wind speed on Earth and the weather conditions can change with a snap of the finger. It has claimed hundreds of lives.

This was actually from a two day hike. What you looking is Franconia Notch, it basically has it's own weather since it's basically a valley between 2 mountain ranges. The one we are one at that time is Cannon mountain and the range to the left is Franconia Ridge which is above the tree line.[/URL]

This one is just to the south of White Montain National forest so the mountains in this area aren't as big

If you haven't seen my Bronco stock here you go. I had it about 6 months when I drove it 120miles to North Conway which lies on the main highway that goes through the middle of the national forest.
Everytime I look back at my Bronco when it was stock I always wonder why Ford put such small tires on a wide ass truck.[/URL]

Bubba Jones 02-16-2014 08:58 PM

Wow those areas look awesome. My Godmother lives in New Hampshire so I've been there twice. It's really nice up there.. it's just super cold and across the continent so I don't get a chance to head there too much.

Those tires are pretty small.. they just don't seem big enough for stock. When I bought my truck at 101k miles, they guy just put 33" tires on it and they looked perfect. I could go with a little smaller if I didn't have a 4" lift, but with the lift, I can't manage to put smaller tires on.

I love hiking too, I'm glad my truck can get me to some cool areas.

This mountain is accessible just by road, but it's awesome to hike:

You can see in the background the peak on the right, here is the top of the peak looking back towards where my house would be. Its behind the other mountain range:

Here are some pictures of when I went to Sedona:
This area is really cool under the bridge near where you can park:

Here is my girlfriend and I ontop of a ridge overlooking Sedona:

I can't forget my truck either!:

gatorfor88 02-17-2014 02:54 PM

3 Attachment(s)
This is about all the view we have to offer around here. Unless I go to the springs. 1 day I will upload some pics of some beautiful springs. This is off my phone so excuse the quality. This is about 6 a.m. this morning.

bbaccama88 02-17-2014 06:11 PM

i here you guys this winter is getting to be too much and now were getting even more snow tonight! anyway here's a shot of the springs near me the water stays a constant 50 degrees and as you can see its deep enough for me to make the jump!

NewEnglander 02-17-2014 07:20 PM

Nice right on the water. Yeah Bubba that area is very nice, one year I'll venture out west. bbaccama88 you might have to post the photo again the image is corrupt, atleast for me it is. Tomorrow we are getting another 3-6 inches of snow after the 2 storms we just had. Then it's supposed to warm up to around 50 degrees for a few days which will be wonderful.

NASSTY 02-17-2014 07:46 PM

It was -10*F when I left for work this morning. I'm sick of this crap. :-arrgh
I can't wait for it to warm up so I can take the top off. :-X16

bbaccama88 02-17-2014 07:50 PM

yeah... i had a hard time figuring out how to post a picture... i may have done it wrong idk... i'm not so computer smart

Bubba Jones 02-17-2014 08:41 PM

Haha warm up to 50 degrees. 50 is pretty cold. Its bearable though. I think high 60s to low 70s is perfect to do stuff outside with. I'm almost having to use my AC a few times the past week because it's starting to get a little warm... Once summer comes around.. it'll be 110-115. I wish I had somewhere to park under to work on my truck, but non of our trees are trimmed to park under, we don't have an awning over our driveway, and our garages are too full of stuff to put anything in. Besides, my truck won't fit in our garages anyway..

Someday I'll have a REALLY nice garage with a lift, space for my tools, and an area to paint...

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