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Amelio 11-29-2013 06:21 PM

The more i read on the 6.7 board the more i really love my 6.2!
The 6.2 board can be a bit slow but that is just because we don't have issues with our engines. I love the 6.7 and I almost bought one the power is fantastic...... I don't need one so I went with the gasser.

The more I read on the 6.7 board the more and more I love my problem free 6.2!

Raymond 11-29-2013 06:33 PM

I love my 6.2. I couldn't see spending up to 8k for an enigine plus between 30 to 50 cents more for gallon. Not to mention DEF, twin turbos and more computer engine controls. I might get a few miles less per gallon but not seeing the wait to start light Priceless!

Amelio 11-29-2013 06:55 PM

I agree..... So many people buy a diesel just to have an its not needed. If I needed it then that's a different story. I think when you make a purchase on a diesel you have to accept the fact that everything is going to cost more!

The power those things are making is nuts and the emissions crap causes headaches... I can not imagine spending the money I have on a new truck to have issues with it. I know lots of diesel guys have no problems but the majority of a gasser stacked to a diesel...... On the average the diesel is going to be in the shop a lot more!

I have owned my truck a year now and it has been great! I don't have a single worry about fuel contamination, EGT sensors taking a crap, filling a DEF tank or checking my coolant for contamination.

Simply put the 6.2 is a lot less on maintaining and it gets the job done. Honestly when I first bought it I still wanted a 6.7 just because they are bad ass. but the more an more I research them the better I feel about buying the gasser.

The only way I could consider a diesel for my purposes is if it got 8-10 mpg better not 2-3.

Dave HM 11-29-2013 07:28 PM


I noticed the Delta on the go juice price was 70 centagos here yesterday in Central IL

96sherm 11-29-2013 08:19 PM

Funny...I've just been hashing out trading up from my 2012 6.2 to a new 6.7... Its pointless unless I'm towing at the maximum capacity every time I turn the key. The monthly "investment" will run you about the same or maybe even a little more with the diesel once you calculate the vehicle costs + fuel. The only benefit to the diesel is if a person was keeping the truck for a very long period of time, the warranty periods are longer. That being said, for $9000 you could buy one hell of an extended warranty for your gas truck...

Amelio 11-29-2013 10:26 PM

Also to your point 96sherm the days if a diesel lasting so much longer than a gasser is gone. Today's gas engines will 300-400k if well taken care of.

96sherm 11-30-2013 07:25 AM

I agree. I think the 1 million mile "light vehicle" diesel went out when the horsepower wars came in.

Hotrod70d 11-30-2013 09:14 AM

ya read the discussion about why would you buy a diesel in the super duty section. ive had both . the gasser is so much cheaper to operate, and 99.9 percent of the diesel owners dont need a diesel , there was a time and place for one when they were a lot cheaper than gas but thats not the case this day and age. def fluid , anti gel in the winter diesel additive all yr long c tane booster, plugging it in in the winter ( higher electric bill ), 4 gallon of oil on a change ,cant idle the new ones or it needs to regen. the list goes on plus they have lots of problems and need tons of maintaince. all than and the gasser pulls the horse trailer just as well as a diesel.

JohnnyThunder 11-30-2013 10:17 AM

The service managers at both the Ford and Dodge dealer I have bought from have talked me out of diesels for our last 2 trucks and I can truely say I am not sorry I do not have an oil burner. This 6.2 in the Ford ad my 08 Hemi 2500 for that matter are more than enough engine for any of my trailers. And when I need my truck at -30 or so I want it now not 2 hours down the road or have to wait for it to warm up.

Amelio 11-30-2013 11:22 AM

That sounds like a good dealer to talk you out of a higher priced truck!

I am anxious to see what they do for 2015 as far as a power increase. I will either buy an ESP or trade up to a new truck if they bump the power in the 6.2 I like many always want more power even know its not needed. The 6.7 is the pinnacle as far as power but its just too much of a headache for not needing it.

jeepnford 11-30-2013 01:10 PM

I'm looking at buying a new truck. I would like nothing more than the new 6.7 with it's quietness and unbelievable power. However, when I drive it to work at 4 miles in the winter and pull a 7000 lb camper 5 or 6 times a summer I just can't justify it. I think it would ruin the engine not getting hot enough. At the price difference between the 6.2 and 6.7 I might decide to keep my 7.3.

Amelio 11-30-2013 01:42 PM

"Jeepnford" that's exact one of te main reasons I went with the gasser. I drive a company vehicle so during the week my truck gets driven to the gym a few times a week when I get home. The gym is less than 10 miles away so the truck does not even get to temp by the time I get there.

Either of my two cars I tow to the race track does not exceed 6k...... Diesels period do not like short trips like that especially the new ones with all the EPA crap. Also my truck will on average sit so much I will go several weeks on a tank of fuel. Diesel absorbs water when it sits and that is what kills the new fuel systems on the 6.7

If you wanted a new truck and you only tow 7k you would not be disappointed with a 6.2. I have owned several GMC's and a D-max the fit and finish on the Ford is great and I love the styling.

Wargod113 11-30-2013 09:05 PM

I just bought a F250 6.2 in the summer and have no complaints about it so far. I use it mostly on the weekends and maybe once or twice durning the week. In the summer it pulled my camper just fine with out any problems.

fg250 12-01-2013 07:42 AM

yep, I went from an '08 F250 with the 6.4 to my '12 w/6.2 and I don't miss the diesel at all. My camper loaded weighs about 8000lbs. and this thing pulls it really well.

JohnnyThunder 12-01-2013 08:14 AM

Our RV is 34 feet long and weighs in at abt 8500 and I have had 0 issues hauling it anywhere including down in the Smokies this summer when we went to Tennessee. I will be getting a tuner from 5 Star this spring if all goes well if for no other reason than to clean up the shifting.

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