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twall_SD250 10-22-2013 01:42 PM

i hope someone can answer my question
Hi guys my name is Tim I been on FTE for quite a few years and a member of the NJ chapter for a couple years also. I haven't been on in a while but i hope someone from NJ can answer my question. I have a SCT LIVEWIRE tuner for my truck and i went to plug it in today to put the factory tune back on it to go threw inspection but my tuner is broken. Does anyone know or can tell me if i go threw inspection with a custom tune will i fail or pass inspection. if anyone knows the answer i would greatly appreciate
thanks in advance

tjc transport 10-22-2013 05:34 PM

as long as there are no stored codes or check engine light on you should be fine for inspection with the tunes in the truck.

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