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RunninD 09-24-2013 04:11 AM

Identifying year of engine, & more?
I was given a 460 / c6 combo, but I don't know what the engine came out of. My buddy had a friend get the engine for him to replace the one in his truck, they got the engine, and were about to begin the tear down and rebuild when his truck rolled eliminating his need, and then a short time later his friend passed on. So no clue as to car or truck engine, age, or relative abuse.

I know I've got some rebuilding to do, but, is there any difference in the engine castings, making one better or worse to start with. The parts numbers on the externals are all over the place D3ve heads, D9t water pump, D8 valve covers, D3 exhaust manifolds etc. The intake manifold is also a spread bore job that looks tiny (what is that about). Is there a stamping on the engine block itself which would identify a rough age? Is one block casting better than another?

I'm just looking for a solid engine with low end torque for moderate highway limited freeway usage. I drag around horse and stock trailers alot so towing performance will supercede extreme economy! I'm going to swap in a ZF5 and continue to run my 35's I'll put in dual exhaust and most likely headers, although with the highboy i know there are issues. I like the DUI, Dizzy, and depending on the intake might even track down a Q-jet for the stock manifold. Any other suggestions. also is there a mount to put the Alt back up top while keeping the PS pump and AC (PS pump will run the hydroboost, & the AC Compressor is running on board air)?


monsterbaby 09-24-2013 06:33 AM

based on the castings the engine should be a 79-87 most likely. Other then knowing it's a post 79 engine so you know what kind of balance hte crank would have, the exact year isn't important really.

Intake manifold is pretty much not a good piece for power so would ditch it for an alum aftermarket one like a performer or weiand stealth.

as to anything else, the castings on the blocks really don't have any serious advantage one way or another over any other casting. And in a mild setup lke your wanting pretty much any of the blocks will work wonderfully.

The crank you have will be externally balanced so make sure you buy a flywheel for that type of balance.

The heads although large combustion chamber actually flow as well as the early "performance" D0VE heads everyone brags about. just buy a piston that will get you into the desired compression ratio range with a 95cc head and your good to go on that aspect.

RunninD 09-24-2013 11:03 PM

finally got to the point of removing parts and found the block casting, E6, so great call monsterbaby, can't get the tranny pulled yet, and still uncertain if it's internally balanced, but i'll worry about that later. The intake is a D6 something or other. Its amazing at the amount of dirt & grime caked onto the poor old thing, but they had siliconed / plastic covered all of the open ports so The only dirt Inside is going to be what was in there when they pulled it. Still curious about a high mount alt. bracket. I would like to keep the existing AC & PS pump mounted for the above reasons, and can't find anywhere where this is do-able. Anyone done it---or know someone who has? Also the stock exhaust logs look really free flowing, and short. where are the ID numbers on those?

Thanks again

97puller 09-25-2013 10:15 PM

a serpentine set up from a efi 460 might be what you need. The alternator is mounted high on my '97

mcdonaldm 10-01-2013 10:11 AM

easy way to tell an external balance from an internal balance is look behind the harmonic dampner. the external balance will have a spacer with what looks like a hatchet on it while the internal balance will be just a plain round spacer.

also i think you may have a pre-79 engine as far as i know, the trucks never came with a spreadbore carb on them, just square bore Holley 600's.the cars came with the spreadbore and i think 78 was the last year they used 460's in the cars. not 100% sure on this though, so check the spacer to make sure.


RunninD 10-03-2013 05:59 AM

I think with the e6 block cast and the WIDE variety of casting numbers that it's been rebuilt before. :-roll The exhaust logs Look very similar to which I have been told are from an e-series van.

I like the quadrajets,and have one that (if it fits) I'll try to put on.

Still worried about mounting the Alt up high, and being able to keep the AC & PS pump. I haven't been able to find a serpentine setup to look at, and am not necessarily against it, but I'm hoping to find someone who has already done this and found some sort of mount that has worked for them!.... and remembers what it came off of;)

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