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italstalyon 04-03-2013 07:38 PM

2003 Ford Explorer Sport $200 - Fuel Pressure??
Well sometime a $200 truck is a $200 truck!
I've got a neighbor that's moving and someone was helping him get this truck running and took the whole top of the engine apart and stuff was everywhere and nobody knows who or what. So I get the truck and have it all back to square one after a few trips to the part store and wrecking yard. Put gas-oil-water-plugs-oil filter and battery now it turns over but won't run. I wanted to check for fuel pressure but can't find a shradder valve on the fuel rails nor anywhere else. I think you must have a little plastic clip as I recall to take the fuel lines off at the filter and haven't got one yet. I sure would like a pointer so I don't have to yank the tank!
Any of youze guys got an idea on this???

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