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mroth2008 04-02-2013 01:33 AM

The build of Balls deep
The truck is a 1991 f250 I bought a year and a half ago for 800 it has baby tires on the truck and was lifted already when I bought it, a buddy in town was selling 4 rims for 100 bucks and had no rubber and the local tire guy that I race had 4 38.5 gumbo monster mudders he was giving away for free but one had a hole in the sidewall. Patched in inside to all hell and it had never leaked once. Pretty well Ive beat the living hell out of the truck, Ive hit more trees with it than I can count it dog tracks like a son of a b**ch.
Currently it has a 302 with a 5 speed. But its getting a 460 with a zf5 but the 460 needed a rebuild which Im doing right now the 460 it self is .030 over withe small dish early efi pistons with f3te with bigger valves with porting and the intake is ported as well. Its also getting a mass air conversion done to it. The front end is a dana 60 that I just did kingpins, axle u-joints, inner and outer tie rods, and a new pitman since mine was welded with a different end. :-huh The rear is a sterling 10.25 that was welded for more traction. The rear tank leaks I preping a new one right now. The frame is rusty in all the usual spots but im good shape mostly the shackle and spring hangers are rotted pretty good but I have new ones to go with a 64 inch spring swap in the rear for a better ride since for whatever reason the owner before, put rear springs in the front and front springs in the rear but thier lift springs and did a really poor shackle flip, he put the shackles straight up and down. I work on the truck everyday just about. We had 44's on the truck for abit.
And the truck

My brother wanted to borrow the truck to go fishing and some a**hole went under the truck at night and cut all my u bolts on the one side 10 mins down the road bang front diff part way under the cab.

And company trailer I borrowed with a killed 2005 f550 with a blown 6.0L Its the only trailed where I dont have to drive over the wheel wells or put tiny tires on it to load it

mroth2008 04-02-2013 01:47 AM

The kingpins done at my parents house.
I think it was due for a service

The zf5

The welded rear end

Pretty well Im waiting on parts for the 460 I have all the parts for the rear suspension so this weekend most likely Im cutting all my leaf perches shocks tabs off my diff moving the springs under the frame and building new shock mounts. Than measuring for a custom set of u bolts and using as little blocks as I can to maintain my lift I made a set a 6.5 inch shackles for the rear out of 1/4 flat bar. After that I need traction bars and a new front drive shaft mine has a slight twist in, for some reason it didnt like 5000ish rpm clutch drops in 4 lo first gear idk why ;). I have a heavy foot.

mroth2008 04-08-2013 12:08 AM

Well after I got off work I pulled out my rear fuel tank since it was leaking snap a rachet taking bolts out for the tank, ironically they were worse than the rear spring hanger bolts they were loose, very loose after that I took my u bolts out and had the back of the truck supported on some kribbing cut out my front spring hangers and rivets, gonna and get a hold of the autowreckers here they said they would call me in a day and its bein a week.

mroth2008 04-14-2013 01:05 AM

Well today I fired up my drag car and was filling the coolant up since I had drained it all before the winter and she was running good after I had set the timing my dizzie hold down was loose than got to watch cream overflow out my valvecover makes me regret reusing my intake gasket.

After that I had to do some frame fish plating due to me having to slegde my frame square tomorrow I get to shorten my wheel base slightly since my rear drive shaft is too short now. And measure up hangers for my new rear springs.

And I went and picked up some 39.5 super swamper tires for 100 bucks

mroth2008 04-14-2013 07:22 PM

Well didnt get everything done I wanted too on the truck but I got the front leaf hanger tacked in the rear diff in alignment now. Need a big jack to get my shackles in so I can set my shackle angle hopefully I dont need to put a block in to maintain my lift.

Hopefully tonight or tomorrow after work I can do my shackle angle and set my pinion angle and weld everything up good and undercoat my frame

mroth2008 04-16-2013 01:17 AM

Well after I got off work I did my shackle hangers and pinion angle as it sits right no with no box or fuel tank I raised it about an inch with changing the mounting postions and perches and 6.5 shackle. After they settle in abit and with everything back together it should settle in nicely about where it was with a nicer ride. It had 1 ton leafs with massive blocks and a country mile long u bolts that were bent and now it has no blocks hanger mounted to the bottom of the frame and stock half ton leafs and it sits higher. Tomorrow weld everything up measure u bolts and thing about if I gonna relocate my rear tank on my truck.

ghanson 04-16-2013 01:25 AM

What kind of Godless, tree-hugging heathen would cut a man's U-bolts!? That sucks!!!!!

That's a mean looking truck though! Do you use it for work or is it more for pleasure?

mroth2008 04-16-2013 01:30 AM

A man that dosnt care about other peoples safety and more for pleasure. The truck is mean it needs a lot of love and I mean alot! Its had a hard life and salt here in bc from the coast and the roads is hard on them too.

mroth2008 04-22-2013 11:57 PM

Well this weekend I welded up all my spring hangers in than cleaned up the frame from cab back gonna do the front half when the engine and transmission get pulled out

eagle275 05-02-2013 08:32 AM


Originally Posted by mroth2008 (Post 13069032)
A man that dosnt care about other peoples safety and more for pleasure. The truck is mean it needs a lot of love and I mean alot! Its had a hard life and salt here in bc from the coast and the roads is hard on them too.

Dude, that sux! I do believe I woulda told him that he was headed for the jail house/hospital with buckshot. That's a bad truck! Get it right, then run over his dumb++s. Good luck bro!:-X22

mroth2008 05-04-2013 05:32 PM

Well after chasing my tail with starting and charging problems for a week finally figured out I was charging system was fine. My main power from battery to my solenoid had green monster inside, so I replaced it with 2 watt cable and a new battery terminal for the extra sized cable and ran a 2 watt cable to the starter. And fixed it now after shes warmed up she starts perfectly. But 9.89 a foot, but I get it at cost so it was cheaper, they should last awhile shrink wrapped the ends and dielectric greased them too for extra security. The cables will be big enough for the 460 thats eventually going in too. After that I played with 4x4's to test the suspension travel since the truck is trapped in a backyard so poser pics lol. When I get my valves for my 460 in june bein on back order since march I can start going to the machine shop get my short block ready and heads ready.

mroth2008 05-12-2013 02:32 AM

So early this year I took out my whole interior my dash and carpet and stuff. The main reason was an infestion of mold.... Alot of mold the dash was covered in the inside of it so for health reason I did away with all of it. Since than I put in a 1.5 1/4 wall pipe across the length for a mount for everything I removed my instrument cluster the only problem with that is g2 alternators in these trucks get a voltage to start the field through it otherwise everything works thats important. The truck it self was wired for tach which I liked made wiring in a tach easy very easy. I made a mount out of checker plate, the previous owner bypassed the igntion switch so I have a that rewired into a key switch, push button for starting and a toggle for the wipers I also wired in my voltmeter. Now all I got left is oil pressure and temp gauge and getting my heater to work otherwise all my electrical is super easy to acess right now for any problems. Soon I will tug up all the wiring and retape it back together

TheGageinator 05-12-2013 09:11 AM

love it man. definitely dont put a bed back on it!

mroth2008 05-12-2013 02:54 PM

I am since I need to move the truck big block transmission skid plate hydraulic tank winch parts and tires and stuff I get the keys to my first own house Wednesday so need to move everything soon and easier to mount the rumble seat in the back.

mroth2008 05-13-2013 02:15 AM

So my set of headers showed up at the wrong house fortunately the gentleman brought the box to me so I got my headers, and Ive put the headers in but not hooked up the exhaust yet since my stock collectors are too small since the headers I got arent for stock exhaust thier bigger by a lot but my 460 exhaust headers fit up with modifications so not I get to make a custom exhaust from 2 trucks. But best part of pulling my manifolds out 0!!! broken bolts it was soo easy I got very lucky on that part now its custom exhaust for this thing. The headers I got are shorties for a mustang made by bbk. Thier second hand I got for cheap. Its pretty easy to see the size differents in collectors

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