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VaFordman26 01-10-2013 01:28 PM

Advice on WVO in a 6.9idi
Hello i am planning to swap a 6.9 idi into my 76f250. I have a large knowledge of wvo and vo in general as i have worked on small family owned restaurants for about 4 years now. The one i work at now does festivals and events and go through about 200 gallons of veggie oil a week. I have access to that oil. I have a whole settling process set up (i will never heat the oil to filter, it allows fats and other s**t to heat up and pass through the filter, and our fryers are used ALOT) but am only lacking a diesel now. Like i said i have been pretty knowledable about wvo for quite some time but did not have a diesel vehicle, or funds to get one.

Thr kit i have always wanted to get is the 2 tank setup from they have done something like 5000 conversions and are experts on the subject. I have done countless research on this topic so the response "thats not a good idea to run wvo" is not what im looking for. I would like to know how the 6.9 idi runs on wvo and whether or not anybody has experience with greasecar systems. Thank you for all info

444dieselrod 01-10-2013 08:55 PM

The alt fuel sections is a lil slow sometimes but a few others sill be along.

I don't have IDI experience but I have run a PSD on unheated WVO for almost 50K on a 50/50 blend, it was a poor idea but it work surprisingly well.

I put almost 10K on my home built heated system this summer and it went excellent until it got below freezing at nite, I didnt have enough heat in the system.

If your knowledgeable and semi skillfull you could build your own heated kit based on the greasecar kit for prolly half. I dont think I had $400 into my heated system, albet I got the tank heater and the heat exchanger for free but even if I had to buy them second hand I could still do it for under $700.

Diesel Rod

VaFordman26 01-10-2013 09:33 PM

Thank you for the advice. I know alot about the wvo process and i built my filtering set up by myself and have been seriously considering building it myself. Why do you say it was a poor idea? And i plan to have a much bigger tank than what they offer but will probably get parts from them

VaFordman26 01-10-2013 09:34 PM

And also i am in virginia and it doesnt get too cold where i am

kirkharrod 01-11-2013 09:14 AM

You can de-water very clean WVO without heat, but you will need to let it settle a long time. Virginia won't be warm enough to de-water your oil very quickly. Unheated upflow settling will work well, but it is slow.

Also, if you plan to just use gravity and time to de-water, if you let the sun's rays hit your WVO tank, uneven heating of the surface will cause convection currents that will stir up your WVO all over again.

Be sure to test every batch of WVO that you filter for water (hot pan test.)

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