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SnuffthePunkz 11-14-2012 03:34 PM

One time bio fill
Hey so little info about my truck. She is a 92 F-250 HD with a N/A IDI. Fresh injectors, new tank. IP starting to get a little tired, turned up a flat. Rebuild in the next 10k coming for it.

Well thanksgiving (Canadian) I deep fried a turkey which left me with approx 15L of canola oil. I know there is a lot to do if you want to run this long term.
I just want to know what I'm looking at in terms of what is required to pour it into my tanks and recoup a bit of money and not having it sit around any longer than it has to.
I've heard of the double jean leg filtering method. Will I be good with that or will I need to do more? Not looking to run this pure. Would be tossing it in, then filling the rest of the tank with diesel and diesel conditioner (truck runs leaps and bounds better with the ulsd crap we have up here).

kirkharrod 11-15-2012 02:04 PM

Your oil will have water in it from the frozen turkey as well as micro food particles that have water also. These must be removed. You can let it sit for a while, time and gravity will separate the water. You can speed up this process by heating the oil and letting it settle. Jeans legs won't be enough to save your fuel filter from being clogged. Then a new $12 fuel filter doesn't help you recoup any money from the oil ya know?

The veggie oil also will settle into the bottom of your fuel filter when you turn the engine off. And the next time you start it, you will be starting it on cold veg oil. Not good.

12 L is probably not going to kill your injectors, but you'd probably be better off giving the oil to someone who has a 2 tank setup and getting them to show you their system, so you can learn. Then the 12L is not wasted.

Or you can use it to kill weeds, to feed pigs or to keep the dust down on a gravel driveway.

SnuffthePunkz 11-15-2012 02:17 PM

I actually don't know any other diesel owners locally let alone one who runs bio. Not a lot of love around where I live, took me almost 4 years to find a shop locally knew a damn thing about the idi, one shop spent an hour trying to plug it into a code reader when it was acting up and then tried to charge me for said hour when they did nothing to it at all. Basically learnt to do all my own work since then.
I'm better off storing it for Christmas then. I filtered it using the normal filter I use for filling my truck in bad weather/bush. It is a little thing that lets the fuel through but seperates the water and crap out. No idea what it is, it came with a funnel and works amazingly. The oil is looking nice and clean now.
Thanks for the info, will be getting into bio full time when I no longer live in an apartment and have some space to built a setup to do it.

kirkharrod 11-15-2012 02:22 PM

For future knowledge, water separater filters will get the free water out, but will do nothing for the water that is locked up in the oil (you can read about the physical properties of oil in other threads here) and in the micro-food particles.

Good luck!

binuya 11-15-2012 03:46 PM

[quote=SnuffthePunkz;12488760]I actually don't know any other diesel owners locally let alone one who runs bio.quote]

Don't mean to be semantics police, but what you are referring to is SVO, (straight vegetable oil, which is not only a fuel, but a method), and not biodiesel. Biodiesel is veg oil which has been altered through the process of transesterification, which changes its viscosity closer to that of pump diesel, thereby not necessitating the modification of the vehicle. SVO on the other hand, properly done, requires modification of the vehicle.

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