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Lubbockguy1979 09-09-2012 07:07 PM

mirror options?
Ok so I have a 2010 limited with heated, power fold and signal. Did they offer one similar to the f150 that had the small convex mirror to help with blind spots? I've see that style of mirror on the f150 and even mustangs just not the expy.

rayofsi 09-09-2012 07:17 PM

you can buy the 2012 version mirror, i did that for my 2011 expedition.
2012 came standard with the blind spot mirror, and it was a quick and easy swap into my 2011 expedition xlt.

Lubbockguy1979 09-09-2012 07:21 PM

How much were the mirrors?

rayofsi 09-09-2012 09:59 PM

think it was close to 200 for the set, just the glass, passenger side was like twice the price of the driver side.

Expypate 09-10-2012 12:02 AM

My 2012 has the blind spot mirror built in. Well worth the upgrade!

Tasca has them on ebay.

scottmeiners 09-10-2012 08:42 AM

I just put one of these on both of my mirrors, but I put it on the bottom outside, works great.

CIPA 49102 2" HotSpots Round Stick-On Convex Mirror : : Automotive

They have them cheap at autozone or any parts store.

dlaude6 08-25-2016 10:40 AM

Sorry to bump an old thread, but I have a similar question and after searching, figured it'd be better to just bump this than start a new one.

Anyway, just picked up an '08 Navigator. No blind spot inserts in the side view mirrors. Do all '08-'13 models have the same shape side view mirror glass? I ask because on my '13 Mustang, I was able to pop off the glass from it (no blind spot insert) and put in a piece of glass from a different trim Mustang which had the blind spot insert. Quick and easy fix, hoping it's a similar situation. I see above a member put '12 mirror glass on his '11, so I'm hopeful but not certain. Help is appreciated, thanks. Oh BTW not sure if it matters but mirrors are heated, power fold, with puddle lights and turn signals.

I prefer the clean look of OEM, so if my above thoughts won't work, do I have other options? Other than throwing on a round, stick-on convex mirror?

dlaude6 08-25-2016 01:08 PM

Okay so it looks like '07-'11 glass (passenger side part # 7L1Z-17K707-B) is one part and '12-'16 is another part (passenger side part # CL1Z-17K707-A). SO, since the member above put '12 side glass on his '11, I should be able to put '12 glass on my '08. BUT prices for the '12+ side glass are insane! Hm.

08-11 glass:
12+ glass, right:
12+ glass, left:

Tasca usually has some of the best prices, too. Looks like I may not be making this 'mod'.

dlaude6 08-29-2016 01:29 PM

Anyone know the difference between these two part numbers? Looks like one is for power mirrors, other one is not. But I can't find an actual picture of CL1Z17K707D so I'm not certain it has the blind spot inserts in it.


Tpndrcn 09-02-2016 10:06 AM

Lubbockguy1979 take a look at this link:

2010 Ford Expedition Power Heated Puddle Light Memory Turn Signal Telescoping Textured Towing Upgrade Mirror Pair at 1A

Hit up a guy named Tony he can help you with your needs.

dlaude6 09-30-2016 10:09 AM

I posted this same post in the '15+ section because a member asked for it, but since it's more applicable here, I'll post it here as well.

Here is how I put the '12+ mirror glass, with the blind spot spotter insert onto my 2008 Navigator. Yes I could have bought some convex mirrors for like $3 and stuck them on, but my car OCD wouldn't allow that haha.

Okay just to follow up now that I finished the project. As stated above, the difference between the two 'left' mirror glass part #s is one is auto-dimming, one is not. For the 07-11s, we don't have that, so buy the lesser expensive one (non-auto dimming, best price I found new, here: MIRROR GLASS, LEFT for 2012 Ford Expedition|CL1Z-17K707-C) then since right side glass was so expensive, I actually bought an entire right side assembly, took the glass off, and put it on mine. I sourced a used part on ebay from a junkyard seller, i just searched "right side 2012 expedition mirror", you can check the part numbers here: OUTSIDE MIRRORS for 2012 Ford Expedition

They came in, I swapped mine out, and the new ones in, and done! The glass just pops out, though be careful. My passenger side glass was curved a little bit, so it was very difficult for me to get a screwdriver under there in the correct location, and I ended up cracking it when I took it off. Oh well. Turn mirror all the way to the inside and up as far as it'll go, and look for the round tab in there and pop that off the center round bracket. Once you take a look, it's straight forward, but make sure you're on the tab and not on the glass part or you'll crack it.

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