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IB Tim 07-01-2011 06:44 AM

Maine's July BS thread !!!!
Time to celebrate a great holiday, be safe and have fun

sddesigns 07-01-2011 06:47 AM

Good Morning All! :)

Happy New Month and TGIF leading into a Holiday Weekend! :D

ToMang07 07-01-2011 10:24 AM

Have a Great (Safe!) 4th of July Weekend All! :-drink

Looks like it's gonna be a great one! :-jammin

Darksidesm 07-01-2011 11:42 AM

Good Afternoon!!!

Another month huh??? :'(

Well I passed one of two of my tests for my A+ Certification. I have next week off school so the week after I plan to take test two!!! :-jammin

BIGKEN 07-02-2011 06:38 AM

Good morning Mainers...Justin...congrats on accomplishment!!! Happy Weekend!!!

IB Tim 07-02-2011 07:21 AM

Good Morning to everyone.

sddesigns 07-02-2011 07:59 AM

Good Morning All! :)

Have a great Saturday! :D

Congrats Justin!!!

Darksidesm 07-02-2011 09:03 PM

Good Evening!!!

And thanks!!!

IB Tim 07-03-2011 07:55 AM

One day to our best day in least for us a country !

sddesigns 07-03-2011 07:55 AM

Good Morning All! :)

Enjoy the weekend! :D

Darksidesm 07-03-2011 08:06 PM

Good Evening!!!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!!!

sddesigns 07-03-2011 08:10 PM

Great day and tomorrow should be just as nice, how was yours?

Darksidesm 07-03-2011 08:15 PM

Took Hayden down to the park and met up with some of my wifes friends. They have a little girl that is like two weeks older than Hayden. They had fun together...

Tomorrow its dinner with my wifes parents...

sddesigns 07-03-2011 08:45 PM

any fireworks planned?

BIGKEN 07-04-2011 07:05 AM

Good morning Mainers!!!

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