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bashby 04-18-2011 02:30 PM

Reverse lights
My rev lights dont work, I checked for power to the bulbs and have none. I looked at the owners manual for fuse location and it isnt listed. Crawled under the truck (92 sig truck) to check for power to the rev light switch and cant find it... I see a connector coming out of the transfer case for the 4x4 indicator, but nothing on the trans. (zf5) Tried to find a wiring diagram on Autozones site and all I can find is engine compartment. I'm going to check all the fuses again, but the lack of rev light switch has me baffled. TIA for any help.

bashby 04-18-2011 02:53 PM

Neverminid, I found it. For helping out someone in future searches, the switch is on the drivers side front of the trans up pretty high. If there's no wires plugged into it it's kinda hidden.

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