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mowpar 04-16-2011 10:00 PM

check valve
I have been trying to find the correct chek valve for my 93 5.0

I finally had to buy what I thought wa the right one, never did get any to tell me what the parts exact number was.

I found a sight that has a check valve, that said it would fit the following vehicles. My truck a 2 door reg cab was not listed, but a two door extended cab was. Both trucks had 302's but it would not list a two door reg cab just the two door extended. I wrote to them and said they had to be kidding with this, but never heard nothing back.

I found another site that has a 96,95,94,92 but no 93, the price was 27 dollars. I called them up, and asked them what happend to the 93 year left out of there list. they said that part wouild not fit my truck but he could get one for me for 43 dollars, what a sham. I think that when I listed that I had a 93 they did this bait and switch to see if I would be that dumb. Has anyone else experienced this. This was a seller on E-bay

timbersteel 04-17-2011 08:54 AM

Is this check valve for (1) of the lines running from the air pump with the Combined thermactor Air bypass/Air diverter valves?

EDIT: One check valve runs from the head to the combined Air Diverter/Bypass valve and the other check valve runs to the catalytic converter. The upper valve is larger, at least it is on my '92 302, Supercab.

timbersteel 04-17-2011 09:05 AM

Just did some further searching. If you go to RockAuto Auto Parts, they list the same Air Check Valve for '92, '93 5.0, Reg Cab and Supercab.

All brands were listed the same, even for Motorcraft.

rla2005 04-17-2011 11:44 AM

RockAuto usually carries emissions parts from PCI Incorporated. Their direct website is: PCI Inc.

They list two check valves, one threaded, one without threading. The item numbers are 37 and 39. One of those should be what you are looking. FWIW the model years these are supposed to fit is listed for 1985 through 1996.

PCI Inc. is usually pretty good to deal with. I have called them a few times to verify the parts I needed as well as availability. Great service!

mowpar 04-17-2011 04:10 PM

Thanks for your help, the part was missing from my truck when I got it, so I do not know which it is I need. I did order the one without threads, if that does not work, I guess I will have to get the other one.

I know there is two check valves on the truck, the one on mine that is missing is the one in behind the manifold nearest to the fire wall, of course, the one you can barely get to or see,

Again thanks.

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