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  1. Dirtburper
    02-21-2017 08:48 AM - permalink
    We got the transmission on Sunday afternoon and... It works! I (we) really appreciate all the help you have given us.

    Except for 1 slight detail. From a dead stop, with the transmission in D, it does not go into 1st. It starts moving in second, and then shifts normally. But if you manually shift to L, it does go into low.

    My son then told me it was doing the same thing before the rebuild! C'mon, wouldn't you think he would share that little detail before starting the rebuild???

    I'm thinking the problem is in the electrical servos?

    Thank's again for us with this project.
  2. Dirtburper
    02-15-2017 11:22 AM - permalink
    Yes, the spacer plate between the larger and smaller VB's.

    I need to get my head out of my ass. Those are the kind of mistakes to make when you're young and stupid. Hmmm, now I'm only stupid...
  3. Dirtburper
    02-13-2017 10:02 AM - permalink
    Line pressure test with the pan off and the transmission upside down using approx. 45psi air pressure. I can hear what sounds like a major air leak from the back (I think) of the transmission. I pulled the pump and inspected the pressure relief valve. It moves smoothly and was assembled exactly as shown in the Transgo instructions. I did not mic the bores yet.

    Now for the really, really embarrassing part. I had assembled the valve bodies and accumulator per the ATSG 4r100 manual. The manual (and it's pictures) do not mention or show anything about the smaller "spacer plates". So like an IDIOT, I had forgot to install them! That of course, means that the check balls were not being pushed into the correct size hole to choke off fluid flow.

    I gotta believe that is the problem, (assuming i didn't forget anything else). Thoughts?
  4. Dirtburper
    02-10-2017 08:55 PM - permalink
    My son had the afternoon off so I called him and forwarded him your last message so he could check line pressure and engagements. When I got home the transmission was out of the truck and in the garage. Sigh... Don't ask...

    He did do the line pressure test with the electrical connection off, but only in Park. It rapidly fluctuating between 80-90 psi. We will pull the pan and do some air checks.

    I have searched the internet for information and schematics for how this transmission works and can't find much. Do you know of any manuals or write-ups that explain the sequence of events that take place (hydraulic and electrical) in the transmission under normal shifting?
  5. Dirtburper
    02-09-2017 11:49 AM - permalink
    Update. Between the near constant rain, 25 mph wind and near freezing temps. (Washington state) we finally pulled the pan and valve body. I was both horrified and relieved to discover that we had failed to install the 4 check balls into the accumulator VB!!!

    I was about to do the line pressure test you suggested but my air compressor motor decided to belch smoke and die. That was when my son, with the impatience and arrogance that only a 25 year male can have, insisted that the missing check balls had to be the problem and we should install them and button it back up. So I went inside to warm up and wait for him to come tell me that it still doesn't work.

    It still doesn't work. But now the line pressure is rapidly fluctuating between 55-70 psi in park. Is this normal?

    I am picking up a new air compressor today and will run the test soon.
  6. Dirtburper
    02-04-2017 07:57 PM - permalink
    Thank you for the response. We will try the line pressure test tomorrow, hopefully the wind and rain will stop.
  7. Dirtburper
    02-01-2017 08:45 AM - permalink
    Hello JK, Mark Kovalsky referred me to you concerning my sons' '99 F250 4r100.

    The low frictions were completely worn. The "hub" of the forward drum cracked, allowing fluid to leak by the 2 sealing rings.

    I replaced the forward drum, all frictions, steels, sealing rings, new pump stator and gears. Installed "Tugger" kit and new TC .

    It didn't work. The truck it will not move in forward or reverse. Line pressure shows 20-30psi in neutral/park, 40-50psi in reverse or drive. Book says 17.7 qts of fluid, we put in 18.

    I used the ASTM book. Everything made sense and went together smoothly. Iv'e been a machinist for 35 yrs, and have rebuilt a few automatics already. Obviously I did something wrong this time.

    Can you think of anything I can check with the tranny still in the truck? At first I thought we got a bad new TC, but then found that it was low on pressure.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this, any help is greatly appreciated!

  8. Hemphill
    01-08-2017 08:13 AM - permalink
    Jk do you have a second to help. Details, 1990 f250 5spd fwd. it slips out of gear when I try to reverse in 4 High. Does not in 4 Low. Reverse works fine in 2wd.
  9. jdwilliams44
    09-19-2016 01:05 PM - permalink
    I do see where the sealing rings are on the the suppot, but can't really feel any grooves, definitely leaks air there, I ordered a new forward drum and center suppot, thanks for help, I will let you know how it goes
  10. jdwilliams44
    09-16-2016 07:40 PM - permalink
    I air checked forward clutch with center support on it, clutch pack engages, but there is air hissing back through the inside bore of center support, very little back pressure on supply port, I also tested direct drum which seals to the outside of the center support, clutch engages and has back pressure at supply port, looks to me like the center support inside bore is worn and the sealing rings can't seal enough to hold apply pressure on forward clutch, i see sonnax makes a kit to machine and put a sleeve in center support, or else iam getting a used center support, have you had this isssue? used sonnax sleeve fix? whats your opinion?

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