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  1. Mark Kovalsky
    07-18-2017 10:22 PM - permalink
    Mark Kovalsky
    The bypass rebuild is REALLY easy to install. Just fill it and you're good.
  2. kelanthony1989
    07-18-2017 09:53 PM - permalink
    Maybe that bypass spring being weak is why my temps weren't cooling as well either with the stock 7.3 cooler? Should I just add the rest of the fluid and call it good? I assume I got quite a bit of the old fluid out..
  3. kelanthony1989
    07-18-2017 09:48 PM - permalink
    Hey thanks a bunch Mark. So I can just add the proper fluid and not worry?? Take it for a drive and check the levels again? The other day I put a 6.0 liter transmission cooler in because I noticed the one day I was towing about 8k lbs and the temps got up around 195, with it only about 60 degrees outside. I don't know how much capacity wise the bigger cooler will affect it, however it should not be plugged... Is that bypass rebuild kit fairly easy to do? Once again, I really appreciate the help!!! I just bought this truck and don't really want to wreck things right away!!
  4. Mark Kovalsky
    07-18-2017 08:33 PM - permalink
    Mark Kovalsky
    You should also look into buying a cooler bypass rebuild kit. I've seen them at Summit Racing for about $25. That will fix the problem of fluid coming out of the trans end. It's doing that either because your cooler is partially plugged, or much more commonly, the bypass spring has weakened and the bypass is leaking.
  5. Mark Kovalsky
    07-18-2017 08:32 PM - permalink
    Mark Kovalsky
    Put 6 quarts in and start it up again. The procedure is NOT temperature dependent. There is no need to warm it up first. It doesn't hurt to warm it up, but it also doesn't help anything.
  6. kelanthony1989
    07-18-2017 08:23 PM - permalink
    I am worried now that with the fluid cold, I can't just add the rest of the 6 quarts into the pan can I? WHen i start the engine it will just bypass and come back into the pan? What is the proper way to do this with the situation I am in??? If you could please give me some direction, that would be great. I would like to get this truck operable again here shortly, but don't want to risk anything either. Thanks again! You can message me or let me know a way to get a hold of you.
  7. kelanthony1989
    07-18-2017 08:23 PM - permalink
    I believe that the bypass comes out there as well?? Had her shut the truck off, and then let it drip more while I went to read the instructions again to see where I screwed up. Came back in a few minutes and noticed the clear hose was full and seemed to be flowing oil now with truck off. The catch pan now was up to 5 quarts or so. I did a little reading online and found a guy that said he thought the same thing was wrong since his engine was cool, but to give it time and it will start flowing out the hose. I gave it time and it didnt seem to work. I emptied the catch basin and decided I needed to get a hold of someone. I did add one more quart. Total I dumped 7 used quarts roughly when I drained the pan, and then another 7 with me messing around, and guessing 1 quart got on my cardboard and paper towels. I added a total of 9 quarts, and believe I have about 15 quarts drained out. I am thinking I am roughly 6 to 7 quarts short as this time.
  8. kelanthony1989
    07-18-2017 08:21 PM - permalink
    Next, unhooked the return (towards back of truck) line from cooler and installed a clear hose over the flared end of tubing. I waited for my second person to come help, as she was on the way. While waiting, some oil drained out the clear hose, but more seemed to be coming out of the port that the tubing threads into. Well, my helper took longer to show up than I was hoping, and by that time I guess there was 2 to 3 quarts in the drain pan. Fluid still looked darker, so I figured it wasn't a big deal. Seeing that, I added one more quart (8 total). Had her start the engine and noticed not much coming down my clear hose, but was coming out that port again.
  9. kelanthony1989
    07-18-2017 08:20 PM - permalink
    Hey Mark,

    I have a quick few questions for you. I tried changing my transmission fluid in my 4r100 (2000 F250) today based on a procedure you had written a while back. Here is what I did and where I think i screwed up. Can you please help me??

    I warmed the truck up and drained the pan. In the meantime I decided to change the filter as well, but didn't have on and had to run to town to get one. Came home a few hours later and put the filter in and buttoned it up. Added the 7 quarts back in that was drained out.
  10. Slattery334
    07-15-2017 02:23 PM - permalink
    So, I swapped the solenoid and added fluid back to the truck but it still seems to be having intermittent shifting issues and not acting right...I had some slight material found on the magnet but not much else in the pan. Is there sometging I'm missing or am I looking at a a rebuild and have damaged the direct clutch?

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