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  1. 03-28-2017 01:18 PM - permalink

    I have a "new to me" 2001 F250 5.4 2V. Ran great in test drive, and the night I bought it I noticed the shudder just after the shift into OD. This worried me, not as much as when the motor spit out the #6 plug the next day.

    Used OEM brand 14mm insert kit, a new plug, and a new COP. Ran like a raped ape for 6k then on 20 F morning I got a misfire at startup.

    Pending code showed misfire on 6, pulled plug and electrode was almost gone, replaced plug/COP and the misfire was still there.I have swapped COP's with #5 and 6, still misfiring and pending code on 6.

    My question is, what could it be? I have shudder in 3rd and OD at low throttle, no other pending codes (cleaned MAP/replaced AF & FF.

    The misfire is bad when cold, but nearly goes away when the engine is at temp. When fully warmed and idling there is a regular surge from 850ish RPM to about 1000 RPM, smooth transition up and back down, it will cycle every 30ish seconds or so.
    Thanks in advance-
  2. 02-21-2017 12:48 PM - permalink

    since you seem to be the diagnostic leader when it comes to f-150 shudder, I am also coming to you!

    I have an 94 F-150 xlt 4x4. Just like all these other posts I have seen I get a shudders right around between 30-45mph.

    I have also seen people recommend changing tran fluid. Others say it's a coil pack problem. i just got the truck and the previous owner told me he thought there was a miss but everytime i drove it, everythinng was fine. but now(1 week later) it seems to be missing/shuddering like everyone else is describing.

    Any advice on how to hunt this thing down would be greatly appreciated!!!

  3. 11-22-2016 09:08 PM - permalink
    Blue Grass,

    Seems that you are the resident diangnostic leader when it comes to f150 shudder. So I am coming to you!

    I have an 04 F-150 xlt 4x4. Just like all these other posts I have seen I get a shudder, skip, or clunk(s) right around 45mph. Doesn't happen with OD off. Seems when I am shifting gears it happens. Feels like I am running over a wash board!

    This year I change my plugs and all my coils!

    I also change my fuel filter.

    I have a scan tool available. However no codes are popping. Any advice on how to hunt down this problem? I am seeing that some people recommend changing tranny fluid. Others say it's a coil pack problem.

    Any advice on how to hunt this thing down would be greatly appreciated!!!

  4. 02-23-2015 08:33 PM - permalink
    Bluegrass, my 2002 F150 (5.4, 183kmi) is jerking under light load in top gear and RPMs are below 1500. For example, when maintaining cruise spd 40-50mph, if I encounter a hill or lightly apply the gas, there is a hard, irregular jerk. It is not a regular washboard feeling. I have had a couple coil packs go out on me, and it feels very much the same, except when a coil pack goes, it doesn't care which gear I'm in. This jerking only happens in 4th gear/overdrive. I have read a lot and it seems a tossup between torque converter or torque converter clutch and coil packs. Problem is I can't find any reference to coil pack only misfiring in 4th gear/OD and at low RPMs under light acceleration.

    My best hope is for this to be a fluid issue. I plan to drop the pan and drain the TC and add some Dr. Tranny or similar to see if this solves the (pressure?) problem.

    Any wisdom on this would be appreciated.

  5. 11-20-2014 07:50 AM - permalink
    Have 2001 f150. cranks good. But won't start.
  6. 09-28-2014 02:44 AM - permalink
    Thanks for your help Bluegrass! I appreciate the time you took to give me some solid advice!
    12-28-2013 09:21 AM - permalink
    your wisdom is needed good sir, i have an engine problem that seems to be recurrent and you are the only person that comes to mind that would have the knowledge i require to get the right parts and tools for the proper repair.
  8. 12-19-2013 09:57 PM - permalink
    Bluegrass, thanks for sharing your wisdom. My 97 Dodge Ram is doing the same hard jerk that you speak of at 45-50 mph. However, I think the Dodge only has a single ignition coil. Does it still make sense for that to be the problem? Thanks for any advice.
  9. 10-08-2013 10:43 AM - permalink
    HI! I saw your post on the cars that were Bucking between 40 & 60 MPH & your information was invaluable. Seeing you really know your stuff I just wanted to run something by you. I have a 2008 Ford Edge SEL AWD that just went in for it's 90K mile tune up; new filters, new oil, new spark plugs & wires. After this tune up I had the occasional bucking like people are reporting. Could it be coincidence that a coil might not be right after this or could it be a faulty wire or plug? It wasn't doing this before they changed these. I have had it in a few times and can't get them to see anything on their computer or feel it when they had it and I have 2 road trips to go on from NY to upstate this weekend and NY to NC next weekend and I just want to get this fixed. SO if I could tell them what to do it might really help! your reasoning behind the coils is great I just found it weird this wasn't happening before they changes spark plugs & wires so I just wanted to check with you! thanks!
  10. 04-04-2013 02:43 PM - permalink
    I have a exped. 5.4 misfiring on 2 and 3 the coil are good what else could it be

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