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How to use Search

How to use search

Using the following options are recommended to get the most accurate results from search

  • Advanced search - Use the Advanced Search page to gain more options on searching.
  • Select correct forum - If you know what forum the thread or post is, select to search only that forum/s (multiple forums can be selected by holding down "CTRL" when selecting).
  • Thread titles - If you know the title of the thread, select to only search thread titles.
  • Use quotation marks - If you feel that the words you are searching for may commonly be together, place quotation marks around them (i.e "fuel injector"
  • Use the users name - If you know who made the post/thread that you are searching for originally add their username to the "User Name" area
  • Limit the date range - If you have an idea of when the thread that you may be searching for was posted, limit the date range using the option available.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY - select to return your results by relevancy

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