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  1. Vermont January 2018 BS - hopefully lots of snow, BS and fun
  2. Vermont December 2017 BS - time to get the tree and do the dreaded Christmas shopping
  3. Vermont November BS Thread - Gobble Gobble Gobble while its still warm
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  6. Welcome new member Rattlewagon
  7. Vermont August 2017 BS - get the last camping trips and BS around the campfires in
  8. Vermont July 2017 BS thread - let's celebrate our great country's independence with a bang and BS
  9. Vermont June 2017 BS thread - kids out of school, time to vacation, BBQ, beer and lots of BS
  10. Vermont May BS thread- remember the May flowers for your ladies in your life, and keep the BS fresh
  11. Vermont April 2017 BS - no joke about the​ BS here and April showers
  12. Vermont March 2017 BS - time for sugaring, beer and BS, since no snow boo
  13. Vermont February 2017 - don't forget your Valentine and hopefully get some snow
  14. Vermont January 2017 BS thread- bring on the snow and may the BS be great this year
  15. vermont December 2016 BS thread - hope Santa leaves you fresh lumps of BS in your stocking
  16. Vermont November 2016 BS - have a great Thanksgiving and bag da turdy point buck
  17. Vermont October 2016 BS thread - get to harvesting the scary BS
  18. Vermont September 2016 BS thread - sadly summer is about over but get ready to harvest all the BS
  19. Vermont August BS thread - get your summer projects done, here come the fairs
  20. Vermont July BS thread - independence to the people, celebrate and never forget
  21. Vermont June 2016 BS - summer begins, campfires, swimming drinking beer and good BS
  22. Vermont May 2016 BS thread- Treat mama good and keep the BS fresh
  23. New Vermont forum member IDI Diesel
  24. Vermont April 2016 BS thread - don't be fooled, it really is just BS
  25. Vermont March 2016 BS - Let the drinking begin to help forget the terrible snowless winter, and BS
  26. Vermont February 2016 BS - hopefully mother nature shows some love with snow
  27. Vermont January 2016 BS - may the new year be prosperous and plentiful with BS
  28. Vermont December 2015 BS - may Santa bring you fresh BS for Christmas, or coal if you burn that
  29. new member welcome - jvmcc
  30. Vermont November 2015 BS - time to deer hunt, eat turkey and give thanks