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Old 09-24-2010, 10:05 AM
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Spool&Go has a very good reputation on FTE.Spool&Go has a very good reputation on FTE.Spool&Go has a very good reputation on FTE.

So her is what happened....

Yesterday I wanted to switch the two functions of my reverse light switch and my fog/off road light switch. I took the dash off, and unplugged the ground, power supply, and on acc. wires from the switch. When pulling them back through to re-route them, I was reminded (with a smoking wire) that I had forgotten to disconnect the negatives on my battery. I quickly snipped the wire to stop it from burning up.

I removed the burnt up wire, and buttoned it all back up. Turned my ignition on. The wait to start light was no longer coming on and I couldn't hear my glow plugs cycling (you know where the light turns off and you can hear a hum until it goes "click"). It is no longer making those noises.

I treid starting it and it cranked very well (just replaced alternator -- batteries tested good -- starter tested good-- new glow plugs as well). It would crank but wouldn't turn over. There is no smoke coming out of the pipe while it is cranking. I know from experience with bad glow plugs in the winter that it should do that. So I think that the engine is not getting fuel!

The wire that I burnt up was taped to some existing wires for routing purposes. They were the wires that come off of my throttle pedal. There were 2 black ones and a yellow one. I saw that the casings on the two black wires had spots where they were either worn out and exposing the wire a little bit, or the burning wire had made them exposed. I spliced in some 18gauge on both wires to make sure this wasn't the reason it wasn't firing.... didn't help... same thing happening. Here you can see where I spliced.

Sorry I didn't clearly re-bundle the spliced black wires together with the yellow. Those two red ones go to something on the throttle as well but dont seem to be harmed at all.
Called Mikey and he looked stuff up for me since I dont have internet at home. checked all fuses visually. Tested relays. Pressed the fuel reset button on the passenger side floor in the cab.

Question - I pushed it down very hard but I didn't feel like it really depressed at all. Is this button supposed to be like that? Just firm and doesn't have much play? The button sits in what feels like a cylindrical housing. Is it supposed to sit flush with the top of that housing? because it was not flush at the top, it was down in the housing a bit. I'm wondering if it is stuck pushed down or something.

Anyways... I am at work with no vehicle and it feels like I have been stabbed in the heart! Please help if you can. Thanks
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