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HOW TO: "Post Pictures in Polls"

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HOW TO: "Post Pictures in Polls"

To put images in a poll is a simple thing by itself, but there are a number of things that need to be considered.
FIRST - where are the pictures going to come from?

The simple simon answer is to create a dedicated album in your user cp that has all of the pictures you are going to put in the poll.

That allows you to go to each picture, copy the image code from the appropriate text box under it, and paste the code where it is needed - the problem is that going back and forth between an album and the poll is too time consuming (especially with a dialup connection that is likely to drop out at any moment)

So the answer to THAT issue is to pop open "NOTEPAD" long before you even begin to set the poll up.

NOTEPAD is an old hackers tool - for good reason. ANYTHING that is written using notepad HAS NO HIDDEN MARKUP OR FONT attributes. It is 'Plain Jane' - what you see is all that is there, period.
Now, this is real helpful when working with picture files because you can see exactly what you copy from a webpage and paste into a notepad document. It also makes the perfect file to copy a collected group of things like graphic links or text, hypertext links, and so on FROM - because you can lay out everything that you want in a list, and try one at a time, or get one after another to add to a series (Say - a bunch of pictures for example, that you want to post in a POLL... )
Notepad is "PLAIN TEXT ONLY", and that's important because we don't want to accidentally upload or post any spurious junk that we didn't know was there. Micropunk WORD, and WORD IMPERFECT are both notorious for adding unseen elements to anything that is copied and pasted from them. Notepad is a stripped down version text writer/composer that only does one thing, and does it well.
Files saved from notepad always have a .txt file extension. They are easy to spot and work with.

So now we have pictures uploaded and saved, the next thing we do is to copy and paste the image code in a list using notepad.

One thing I'll point out is that the image code is in a numeric sequence based on when the pictures were uploaded - they do not have the names they were "SAVED AS" in your local computer. This means that it's going to be confusing - UNLESS we add a name to the end of each picture code line that we will delete before we post the image code lines.

For example:

[IMG][/IMG] excursions

In the above example - I added the word "excursions" to the end of the line. I would erase that after getting everything set up - it's just there so that I can tell what that picture is for the time being.
The image tag all by itself looks like this:


THAT is what we post in the individual entries of the poll - just the picture code. You can have as many as ten items in a single poll - and people lemme tell ya, that looks real confusing if something is in the wrong place!

Another consideration when inserting pictures in the poll forms here at FTE is how wide and tall a picture you want to use.

The maximum width that I personally reccommend is no more than 740 pixels for the POLL HEADER or QUESTION line, because keeping it tight will prevent the edge of your poll from running off to the right of the monitor screen on most monitors. Not everyone has an SMFD (Super Multi-Function Display) to dink around on the internet with. There is no real height constraint that I ever found, but there IS a limit to the size of images that can be loaded into an album on FTE:

Picture Limits
Pictures Remaining XXX
Maximum File Size per Picture 97.7 KB
Maximum Picture Dimensions 1,024 by 768 Pixels
Pictures will be automatically resized to fit within these constraints if possible. However, you may receive better results by doing it manually.

So there will never be an "Album Loaded" picture taller than 1024 pixels.

For most purposes a 320 X 240, 640 X 480, or 800 X 600 is more than plenty. I used 480 pixels wide in the final round of the 2009 Championship for all of the images in the body of the poll.

~Animated .gif pictures can be used! Anything that you can upload to an album can be linked in a poll.

I will warn you of ONE THING IN PARTICULAR though - ALWAYS, ALWAYS PREVIEW the poll before you finally post it, because once it's up only an admin can edit that poll...
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