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need help / new kingpin kit / no instructions / pic for reference

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Originally Posted by wulleebullee View Post
I used the shims from the kit and added one of the used ones on one side. It needed it to remove the axial movement.
Where do the shims go? I assume that they would be inserted under the spindle thrust bearings. Is that correct?
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Originally Posted by Huntfamily53 View Post
I have a PDF but don't think I can attach are the instructions in writing.
Note: the washers in the cardboard are shims...see step #8


1. Remove wheels, tires, steering arm and brake
components from spindle.
2. Remove nut from kingpin lock bolt and drive out lock
bolt with a brass hammer or drift. Remove grease
3. Working from the bottom of spindle, use a hammer
and suitable drift to drive kingpin up out of
spindle/axle. Remove spindle noting the location of
the thrust bearing and / or any shims (if used) to
ensure proper reassembly.
NOTE: If kingpin is
seized in axle and cannot be driven out, soak with
penetrating oil and try again in 24 hours. If still
unsuccessful, remove the axle assembly from
vehicle and have kingpin pressed out. It is not
recommended to use heat to free kingpin from axle
boss. Excessive heat can deform or embrittle the axle
boss and spindle.
4. Thoroughly clean and inspect spindle and axle for signs
of damage, scoring, or cracks. The new kingpin should
be a snug fit in the axle bore and not have any play.
If it is tight the bore can be cleaned up lightly with a
brake hone. If there is excessive play the axle will
have to be removed and reamed for oversized kingpin
and bushings
Replacement of the bushings requires
specialized equipment. The bushings must be reamed to
final size after installation. It is recommended that the
spindles be taken to a competent machinist for this work.
5. Using a suitable arbor, remove old bushings and press new
bushings into the spindle, aligning the grease hole of the bushing with the grease zerk hole in the spindle. Incorrect installation of bushings will cause premature wear of kingpin and bushings. (use a machine shop!)

6. Align hone / ream both bushings in unison for a final clearance of .001 to .0015.
7. Pack new thrust bearings with quality bearing grease. Install new grease zerk fittings.
8. Insert old kingpin up through lower arm of spindle approximately 1". Install the thrust bearing on
kingpin with metal dust shield up toward the bottom of axle boss. (Some applications may require a
spacer on top of the thrust bearing). Position spindle on axle, sliding kingpin up into axle boss.
Measure clearance between the top of axle boss to under side of upper arm of spindle. If gap is
greater than .015 add shim(s) as necessary to obtain proper clearance (.005" - .015").
9. Install cup washer on kingpin with flat side against head of kingpin. Place felt washer on kingpin and
slide up into open side of cup washer.
10. Orient notch of new kingpin toward center of axle and push kingpin down through shims and top
arm of spindle, aligning the notch in the kingpin with the lock pin hole.
11. Install lock pin (flat of pin engaged in kingpin notch) and nut. Torque nut to 25 ft lbs.
12. Repeat for other side of vehicle.
13. Install steering arms, brake components, wheels and tires.
14. Grease spindle bushings and perform front end alignment.

Thanks for posting this. I'll have to do this job this spring.
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Your welcome...I am actually at this stage too and should have this done in the next few months...hopefully!
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