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rear air thumping noise

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Old 02-15-2011, 12:58 PM
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2003 Expy...
Both of mine are broken. The floor/ceiling didn't thump, but i could hear the motor whirring away. The hot/cold one did thump though, no matter what. Gears were broken in each one.
The floor/ceiling actuator I picked up off eBay for $31. Motorcraft part # YH1743. Dorman also makes a replacement, 604-213
The blend door actuator is YH-1767, Dorman 604-202, which I picked up on Amazon.

I got the hot/cold actuator out by pulling the rear corner trim and the C-pillar trim. In hindsight, I think a second set of hands simply pulling the trim away from the Aux unit should get me enough room to just reach in and replace the actuator. That's my plan for this weekend. It only took about 15 minutes really to get them out.

I also had to do the front hot/cold actuator on our old Windstar. That one was relatively easy, just had to pull the radio.

An idea to get these to last longer is not to push the control all the way cold or hot. Just a 1/4" off either end should suffice to keep the motor from trying to force the door against its stop in the blower housing.

Dorman Products and Ford Parts | Buy Official Motorcraft & Genuine OEM Ford Parts Online | is where I got the part numbers.
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Old 08-04-2014, 09:57 AM
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rear a/c thumping noise.

Originally Posted by alwaysfords41 View Post
Here is the text of another thread on this...not originally written by me, but it worked for my 04. There are two actuators, mine was in the easy one.

Tools Required: 5/16" socket (small driver is better than larger in my opinion), phillips screwdriver, Torque head socket, and maybe a flathead to jimmy the trim off in some spots.

"Easy" One
1. Simply Pop off the Long Change/crap holder underneath the rear passenger side glass. (Snaps right out with a little pressre but be careful).
2. Turn on your car and adjust the Rear A/C until you hear the thumping.
3. You will see the Rear A/C unit and right on top is an White/Opaque square box. Unplug the wiring harness from this box and see if it stops. If it does you are in luck! If not see "Hard" One
4. Pop out the cup holder just in front of the open trim hole (you will need to to get another hand in there)
5. Use your 5/16" socket and remove. Place the new part in it's place.
6. Make sure you align the pin (Do this by pluging the wiring harness into the new unit and have someone adjust the Hot/Cold until the pin lines up and the new actuator slips in correctly and the bolt hoes line up.
7. Bolt in and Test....Replace the trim and you are done.

'Hard" One
1. Do above precedure until step 3 if the thumping does not stop put the wiring harness back in "Easy" one and locate the 2nd actuator which is a little farther forward and along the side next to the trim. Disconnect that wiring harness and verify the thumping stops. If it does not stop...Sorry you are SOL for this thread. If it does stop, make sure you have a couple hours to devote to replacing this. If you don't just leave it disconnected until you have time (at least the thumping has stopped but you will likely have drastic temps in the rear)
2. Now you basically need to remove the rear trim panel enough to get the space to remove this unit.
3. Below is the order I would take the trim off...Just need a little force to get the clips out
A-remove the spare tire lid, and jack
B- remove the skid trim
C- remove the black jack liner 5/16" socket and a rubber gasket and it snaps out
D- remove the top center trim
E- Use Torque head socket to remove the top seat belt bolt
F- unscrew the plastic screw which hold down the rear panel trim "ear" to the frame
G- snap off the upper Corner post trim enough to get the rear panel snaped out
H- snap off the rear panel enough so you have some room to work (there won't be much but there is enough to get in there) otherwise you will have to take the entire panel off which I did not do.
4. Unbolt the actuator 5/16" socket Qty 4
5. Place the new part in it's place.
6. Make sure you align the pin (Do this by pluging the wiring harness into the new unit and have someone adjust the Hot/Cold until the pin lines up and the new actuator slips in correctly and the bolt hoes line up.
7. Bolt in and Test....Replace the trim and you are done.

People have also posted about being able to replace this one by reaching forward rather than pulling the trim.
I have the same issue with my 2004 Expedition, it seems to only make the thumping noise when the rear a/c is set to the floor vents. I simply didn't use that setting for the last 9 years or so (a/c still works fine on the roof vents). I'll check it now though, testing the actuators at least will be easy enough. Thank you for the detailed info.
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