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How old are you and how many Fords have you owned?

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How old are you and how many Fords have you owned?

Old 03-13-2015, 11:54 AM
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Originally Posted by RL250 View Post
My mom still has her 03 7.3 Powerstroke. I'm not a fan, but I appreciate the torque. I'm an NA gasser here. My F250 makes about 440 ft-lbs. I'm planning a 351W build for my Nissan that makes at least 400.
Jeez, those are good numbers! The excursion makes about 570 ft-lbs stock, and I imagine with a tuner, those numbers would increase.
Old 03-13-2015, 12:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Trucks Unlimited View Post
Jeez, those are good numbers! The excursion makes about 570 ft-lbs stock, and I imagine with a tuner, those numbers would increase.
Very good for a mild gas-fed engine.
Old 03-20-2015, 04:23 PM
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I am 37. I have owned 3 fords.

1 1983 ltd 302 engine great car . The insurance company bought it after it was attacked by a chevy.

2 1974 f100 390 it was bought new by my dad. I have plans to get it driving again.

3 1978 f150 351m I drive this every day. I traded a gmc for it I was going to part out . I changed the filters and topped off the fluids upon delivery. Then proceeded to get the tailpipe welded the po cut to make louder. I then changed a leaky wheel cylinder and it was like a beast.
Old 04-24-2015, 08:54 AM
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i am 58. got my first ford when i was 14. small town in montana.and we all drove to school young. ford galaxy 500.. a real beast of a car. been pretty much a ford driver my entire life. on my second 2000 f250 7.3 diesel pickup. first one met a little rice burner head on. thanks to the ford i and my puppy walked away fine. and got another 2000 f250. like it even better then my first one. i pull allot. horses.campers.hay. cows. it works very hard. wouldnt get rid of it.
Old 04-30-2015, 09:06 AM
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1. 78 F150, 2WD, 351M, C6. At 260K, I Converted to 460 with dual pipes. Pass anything but a gas station. Truck nickle and dimed me to death so I sold her. She's my first true love and I'd buy her back in a heartbeat if I could find her.
2. 92 Mustang LX, 4 cyl, 5 speed, no ac. First new car. Finally sold it year before last with over 200K miles.
3. 93 Ranger XLT, 3.0L V6, AOD, X-Cab. Paid $1000 for it because it had over 200K miles on it. Rebuilt the tranny and drove it another 70K before someone in a van decided to drive over my engine. Got $7500 for it after it was totaled
4. 86 Bronco EB Edition. 6" lift 35x12.5x15 BFG MT (pre KM). 351W, AOD, LOVED to beat the **** out of this rig. MUCH FUN!!! Traded it for a jeep.
5. 95 Explorer EB Edition - 4.0L, AOD 4x4. Grocery Getter. Nice ride but, fell apart after a short couple of years owning it.
6. 97 Expedition EB Edition - 5.4L, AOD Power EVERYTHING. Super Fancy stuff for me and my X.
7. 98 F150 X-Cab 4x4 - 4.6L, 5 speed. LOVED this truck but, traded it for...
8. 01 F350 Lariat PSD, CC, SB, 4x4. Truck lasted < 2 weeks. Damn deadbeat dealership selling me a lemon.
9. 71 Bronco - Drove to Denver CO to pick up this rig. Sold it to a buddy of mine for what I had in it. He still has it.
10. 69 Ford Bronco - Bought a rust bucket to salvage good parts. Sold the rest. Trashed what needed to be trashed.
11. 73 Bronco - OLD YELLER. Original NM Bronco was virtually rust free. Took it apart to do a frame off restore. Funds fell short and so did my X wifes patience. Ended up selling it off in parts. VERY SAD!!!
12. 71 Bronco - BIG RED. Some of you may remember seeing pictures of this rig. Bought it in Portland OR from a mechanic who told me I'd be able to drive it home (To NM). Rig lasted 30 minutes and had NO BRAKES. So, I trailered it home to find out the engine was also blown. Buyer beware...
13. 84 Bronco. Parts donor for my new 71 POS Bronco. Took the 351W and had Buddlongs build a SICK 300+ HP beast. Sold the rest.
14. 72 Bronco - ROLLED YELLER. Picked up from a buddy of mine who rolled his BEAUTIFUL Yellow Bronco. He had LOTS of work already done to her. But, the body was a complete total. So, I pulled it apart. Kept what I wanted for my 71 and parted out the rest.
15. 99 Ranger - 4.0L, AOD, X Cab 4x4. Just wanted something to drive to work and back. This truck had a strange life on it so didn't drive very nice. Sold it to X's cousin.
16. 05 F150 Lariat. CC, 4x4. I LOVED this truck. But, traded it for my current rig.
17. 08 F350 PSD, CC, FX4. This is the rig in my pics.
18. 69 Bronco - Project rig I traded for # 19.
19. 72 Bronco - 302/3ott/D20/D44/9".
20. 94 Ford F250 X Cab 4x4. 5.8L V8 / ZF 5 speed tranny to be donated to the [b]72 Bronco project.
21. 73 Bronco - I picked up in San Diego as my BEACH CRUISER. Just SOLD it.
22. 04 Mustang Convertible - Traded for #25. Gets 22MPG and it's a fun little ride...
23. 93 Bronco Custom - 5.0L/Auto. Picked this little guy up for $800.00 this past weekend for my GF and her kids to have a ride in. It's leaking from everywhere but, slowly but surely, we'll get it all fixed up for her...
24. 2000 Excursion XLT 4x4 - 5.8L/Auto. Seats 9 w/ cargo. GF and I have 8 total so we needed something BIG!!!
25. 94 Bronco XLT - 5.8L V8/E4OD. Stock for now. Have ProComp 6" lift in garage. Need some 35s on rims so I can get it installed. Gonna be my driver for a long time!!!
26. 2006 Ford Explorer 4x4 V8. Replaced the 2000 Excursion with this. Fits almost ALL the kids and is more reliable and better on petrol.
27. 2000 Ford F250 Crew Cab Lariat 4x4 V10. Just picked it up this past weekend. Traded my 94 Bronco for it.
28. 2005 Ford F150 X-Cab Lariat 4x4 5.4L. #27 turned out to be a very bad deal and I lost over $7K in it. So, I had to go a different direction.
29. 2009 Ford F150 Crew Cab 4x4 King Ranch. 5.4L V8, 6" Pro Comp lift. 35.6" Goodyear Wranglers wrapping 20" rims. 55K miles.
Old 04-30-2015, 12:19 PM
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Hey all, I'm 57 and here is a list of the Fords I've owned in the order I aquired them.

69 Bronco 4X4
74 Pinto
80 Courier
74 F150 4X4
03 Windstar

Currently have:
97 Expedition 4X4
05 Explorer 4X4
89 Ranger 4X4

I tend to hold on to vehicles for a long time.
Old 10-20-2015, 08:15 AM
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I'm 58. I've owned more than 50 cars including:

1968 Mustang Fastback
1970 F100
1972 F100
1979 Thunderbird
2006 Mustang GT
2005 F350
2006 F350
2007 F350 (2)
2006 E450
Old 03-05-2016, 10:49 PM
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Pretty much in order for the fords , I am 49
1)1977 F250 2wd , 460 , auto
2)1970 Bronco 4X4 , 351W , 3spd
3)1972 Bronco 4X4 , 302 , 3spd
4)1974 F150 4X4 ,429 , auto
5)1969 Thunderbird 4dr , 429 , auto
6)1966 Galaxy 4dr , 390 Hipo (or so it said) , auto
7)1967 Mustang (my grandmas car) , 170 6cyl , a/c auto
8)1976 F350 4X4 , 390 , 4spd
9)1973 F350 4X4 , 410 merc. , auto , home made 10" body lift which came out
10)1987 F250 4X4 7.3 natural , flowmaster , solid axle
11)1976 F150 4X4 , 429 , auto
12)1996 F350 4X4 , 7.3 powerstroke , 5spd , crew cab
13)1984 Thunderbird , 5.0 , auto
14)1986 Ranger 2wd ,4cyl running on 3 , 5spd
15)2000 F650 4X4 ,cat c7 , 6spd
16)2006 F150 4X4 , 5.4 , auto , extended cab(still have)
17)2005 F250 4X4 , 6.0 powerstroke , auto , crew cab(just bought)
There is a few more that should receive honorable mention but never even transferred the title -can not remember the year escort GT , 2007 focus DZ some one spent a lot of money on this car scary motorcycle fast -thought it was a bad idea.1969 F250 , 390 blew it up on the test drive - only wanted it for the bed and trans. I wish I had everyone of these back .
Old 05-18-2017, 04:43 PM
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I'm 67, my first car was a
55 Ford custom 2 dr sedan. Built my first engine, 312 with fuel injection heads and 2 4bbls.
56 Victoria, put the 312 in this one.
59 Skyliner.
Then in no particular order
65 Falcon convertible, drove that one to FL on our honeymoon
65 LTD drove wife to hospital for first born.
50 F1
56 Rollback
50 some kind of box truck just had front hood and fenders the rest was box
There were a couple of ford vans don't remember the years one was a shortie
84 ranger that one ended up with a turbo thunderbird engine
84? F350 flat bed
98 F250 four door long bed
98 Ranger, just bought it haven't picked it up yet.

I'm sure there must be more I just don't remember them.
Old 03-30-2019, 10:36 PM
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Not as many as a few of you....BUT here it goes

72 F100
5 other F100 dents/slicks
2 dent side crew cabs
99 Explorer
73 Galaxy500
2005 F250
83 F250
99 Excursion
92 F250
94 Ford Bronco
93 F150
84 F350 Bucket Truck
93 Escort
2010 F250
2003 P71 Crown Vic
2018 F150
I think thats 21 Fords! Oh and im 37...

* As Someone previously disclosed, some of these werent titled/registered by me...1 blew up shortly after purchase, etc. etc. etc.

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