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Ice Is Nice in Perrysburg .....

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Old 12-27-2008, 08:50 PM
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Ice Is Nice in Perrysburg .....

Yea right..... well on Friday i had to go to Perry'sburg to deliver a piece of equipment , (a twenty foot scissor lift ) so i set off about 5:am in the morning so that I can get back fairly early , so I am tooling down the road , listening to the XM , and about a hour and a half out , I wanted to call my business partner to see how he was doing on time, (he was coming from Grand Rapids) I reached down to grab my cell phone and it was not there, oh well I must of forgot it when I left the house, something I rarely do , but eh so what , traffic and weather was good , and i know where I need to meet up .......
So i toolin down the road about a half hour outside of Bowling Green ,,I hear this really hard rattling like sound hitting the roof of the truck, mind you i have the tunes turned up.. well I did not see anything out the front window , i look at my mirrors , and I see ICE/Rain... oh crap this is going make for interesting day.... big truck loaded, towing a few thousand pounds on a single axle trailer that by itself weighs a little over 2 G's and is pretty short with a lot of weight....yea and it is also the start of rush hour..with the roads icing up real quick...

I back the speed down from 70 ish to about 20 mph , well I get to the 425/23 bridge about a half hour later....a mirror like finish is on the roads now.. its white knuckle time now.... you know when you turn the radio off and all concentration is on keeping your rig on the road time ? well i make it over the bridge , and see about a dozen or so car scattered where it merges with several other lanes , oh'boy this is gonna be fun....

well i was "slip slided away" down the the road, to the first exit , all the while cars and bubble mobiles passed me, then a few minutes later I would be passing them like a turtle , while giving them a big thumbs up....mostly they were younger women , and they were sitting backwards off the side of the road..already on the phone...or maybe they were on it the whole time .. ....anyways I stop at the circle Kay and ask to use the phone...the lady was a sweetheart and let me make a couple of calls ,1 to home next to my partner in crime who was driving down on 23 south to meet me, well the place we were to meet was closed , so he wanted me to drive to further up 23 to the MI border....yep I was real thrilled about that

but he was still 45 minutes from the new meet spot off i go headed north on 23, going about 10 ish hand kinda got tired from waving at all the young misses on the sides of the road so i resorted to just honking my horn at them as I went past them at a turtles to buckmans , off loaded the scissor lift , my partner was just as rattled as I was with white knuckle fever and with tale of scary moments of the icy condition...and was not looking forward to the return trip, he decided to hit the turn pike instead and go through Indiana first before going north the Grand Rapids .

Well anyways I started my trip back...I got to I 75 , and yes I wave to all the cars off the roads, I even managed to repass several of them at my lightning like turtle speed... well traffic came to a grinding halt ,( No surprise there ) well after about a hour of rock crawling speeds, I decided it was time to get off the highway...I was running low on gas and the V-10 is a thirsty beast and needs to be feed quite often, I think more then a newborn baby during normal sleeping hours...

Anyways i found a exit which by the way is that one that has the long up hill ramp past the big used truck lot going south on I-75....oh great this outta be fun.....well I get my speed as fast as I safely can,slowly mashing down the throttle , that V-10 roars to life unleashing the horsepower that ten cylinders can develop.

Yep i get it all the way up to 15 mph . then i ease up on the pedal pulling back the horse power I just unleashed ....

just as I get near the top of the ramp, she starts a slipping siding away.. oh no you don't , I say and just ease off the pedal a bit , the tires grab and I just barely make it to the top.....whew that was just to much fun....

so I make it to the road , its just as icy but no traffic , i found a side raod that runs parallel to the highway , I run that to Bowling Green , get some fuel ...& continue down the backroads till the outside temp gauge says its is above 33 degrees, I cut back onto the highway , and there is no traffic at all going south bound alright !! the roads were just starting melt and clear...and I slowly started to get back up to cruising speed about ten miles down the road....and before for long it would be .. time ...

Yep the ICE was me that the ice and my truck got along very well that day...

I know it was abit a of a long post but i just thought i would share it with you all, I hope you guy's enjoyed, cause it is by far the longest post I have made in a very long time..
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Old 12-28-2008, 05:03 AM
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glad you and the v10 did ok, Ray. We had a little trouble with all the sand getting between our feet and the sandals.
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Old 12-30-2008, 04:01 PM
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I know the night of the 23rd the ice was nuts around here. My wife couldn't even make it out of our driveway to go to work. Been awhile since I seen such a perfect glaze of ice.

Glad you made it through everything ok. I hate to think of a Super Duty with a V10 having dents in it!
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