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for all you blaming smog equipment...

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for all you blaming smog equipment...

-1988 f150 extended cab long box with tailgate up.
-5.0, 5 speed, 3.55 gears
-4x4, hubs unlocked
-5w-30 oil, standard quaker state, around 1800 miles on this change
-p235/75r15 tires 40psi
-k&n filter, factory snorkel removed- came with truck, not my addition.
-delta crossbox filled with tools and jackets and shotgun and topped with a 4foot cb ant., my luggage, guitar, and amp riding up front.
-shifted religiously at 2000rpm for the first four, shift to 5th at 45mph.
-odometer spot on, checked compared to milemarkers over 10 miles, unfortunatly no gps, but mileage concurs for length of my trip

on my trip from logan kansas to arapahoe nebraska, to brush colorado.

front tank: 289.3 miles on 18.2 gallons all on the same night, around 40 degrees ambient at 60-65 mph not including slowing down for towns, letting it speed up going down hill, but not less than 60 going uphill (it was late and i was trying to get home)

-15.89 mpg! and thats with both catalytic converters and a smog pump!

what i have learned:

1. maintenance, this truck had full ignition tune up 3 months ago along with a can of BG44k and a pcv valve, i replaced 3 u-joints and the pinion nut was loose on the rear axle. oil changes at 3000 miles, kept the k&n clean, new egr valve and IAC motor, changed the fluid in the 5 speed (big difference in how it shifted- actually had what looked like part of a cage for a bearing on the magnet.) yes the tires are softie "p" tires rated at 35 psi i keep them right around 40 (disclaimer: do at your own risk!) if your truck even farts wrong on occasion it has a problem that could be dragging you down! you wont notice the slightly rich mixture from a biased o2 sensor (yeah i know, i haven't changed mine) or a slightly open EGR valve.

2. driving, dont creep up to speed, but don't lead foot it, only use the power the engine has, no more and no less. shift fairly soon, 2000rpm seems to work good for me, but i change it slightly depending if im on a hill or need to get the truck moving. speaking of hills, learn to set your foot (not cruise) to go a little faster than speed limit and uphill a little slower and leave it there. i rarely purposly go faster than 65 unless im in a hurry and willing to pay for it(or in my car-different story).

i got this truck about 9 months ago, and it was averaging 12-14 mpg. i have seen it slowly rise to where it is now. i actually measured 17mpg once with the bed covered with a tarp before i put the box onto it. but it wasn't properly measured so i willingly disreguard it (also measured 11 doing 85mph pulling a flatbed with an s15 on it!). but im still not done yet. my current goal is 20+ with stiffer tires, even more maintenance (more fluids and electronics), covering the bed(redneck tonnou cover), underdrive pulleys and a grill block.
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