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Junk car clearing in T county

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Old 02-13-2006, 05:01 PM
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Junk car clearing in T county

Too cool - another one went away today. But the big update is that the scrapyards (metal salvage, not parts salvage) are temporarily at an advantage -

The scrap price for clunkers at Gates was $4 per hundred pounds last time I was there. This is down from about $6.50 where it was two months ago, so a small car is only going to be worth about a hundred and twenty bucks.

The gas tank has to be out, there can be no trash in the car, and the tires have to be pulled off and got rid of somewhere else. This means loosen all the lugnuts, and only leave on about two per wheel when you trailer it.

What's going to happen though is that when all these old junkers stop coming in there will be a lot slimmer pickin's in the area so I expect the price to go back up again. This IS a real good way to get rid of something you've parted out and can't tag because of title hassles.

All you do is write down the vin number on a form, sign it, and away it goes! Anything that has sat on your property for longer than 120 days can be disposed of this way, and there is NO WAY anyone can come back on you about it.

As for a certain individual who did NOT help get rid of his abandoned car, did NOT come up with the title papers, and wanted some of the cash...

He now has his old Toyota sitting in his driveway, and he can find out for himself what it means to tow a vehicle.

He don't have friends with trailers - I DO!

It costs a hundred to rent one for a day, it costs gas to drive to Gates (if you know where it is to begin with) and I bet the idea of ripping out a gas tank scares him to death.

I doubt you can tow a car trailer very well with a late model sedan either. We used a 3/4 ton.

So what will happen is that eventually he will call someplace that removes old vehicles, they won't pay him anything for it, but will haul it away for free, and I bet I see it on top of a pile in Gates next time I go.


There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.

Those who didn't see the other post - Tipton County has recently begun actually ENFORCING the Planning offices Zoning rules - which in the past they didn't much bother with. This means that old cars and trucks cannot just sit around in the yard anymore, although they are pretty lenient as far as project vehicles.

If something is obviously being worked on, if it is a parts vehicle FOR a project, or if it is an antique or classic machine they generally will not bother you. I talked to the man in charge personally, and he's real easy to work with.

Since Mr. "V" has a few classics himself, he won't force people to ditch their pride and joy, even if it is in rough shape. And it isn't a matter of current registration. The determining factor is if it runs or not - that's all.

I don't remember the exact name of the scrapper in the town of Gates Tennessee. I think it was Wrights Metal Salvage.

Go up HW-51 past Covington and watch for Gates road. A couple miles north you come into the town, make a left, a right over the train tracks, and its right there. You can't miss it, theres a bank, the scrapyard, and a few houses. That's about it...

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