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Slave cylinder gone bad at 31K

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Old 09-13-2005, 10:38 AM
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Cool Slave cylinder gone bad at 31K

Anyone had this happen yet? I bought a brand new F150 in 2002, have 31K miles on it currently (9/05 - yeah, I don't drive much), had it checked out at 2 different dealerships for reports of leaks and funny sounding transmission noises under warranty - essentially told nothing was wrong. Here's the kicker, 6 months later (now out of warranty) and $585 out of pocket, my slave cylinder goes bad. I initially had the truck checked out because at times it was difficult to shift and I was hearing a "whirring" noise (actually posted a topic on this in the summer of 2003) and then was told there was a fluid leak during a routine oil change. Had it checked out back in 3/05 - under warranty - dealership said nothing was wrong. Anyone had this happen before, any suggestions on how Ford/dealership should be required to compensate? I know I am beyond the 3/36 warranty provided by Ford, but I was not expecting a major mechanical repair on the transmission until I had to replace the clutch at 70-80k, maybe more (was hoping for 100K since I don't use the clutch that much on the highway). I had a '93 f150 before this one and was problem free @ 107K other than routine brakes, clutch, tune-ups, etc. I also have documentation from the dealership in regards to the visit for a potential leak. FYI - I do not tow/offroad. I treat my truck like a princess, ask my wife. I'd say 75-85% of the miles are highway, unloaded, at about 68 MPH - evidenced by the 20.5-21.5 MPG I get on average. I am a fanatic about maintenance - oil changes every 3000 miles on the dot give or take 200, radiator flush/fill @ 24K. Should I just suck it up and expect another major repair every 30K or so, or should Ford/dealership step up to the plate and claim repsonsibility?

Here is my original link mentioned above:
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Old 09-15-2005, 11:14 AM
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not much help here looks like you got caught up in the just out of warrenty problem. If you had Ford look at the leak and it is documented you could go to the arbatration board and see what they say, claim they didn't catch it when they should have. If it went more than once and it is documented that helps even more.

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Old 09-15-2005, 01:35 PM
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2003 F-150 4wd V8, I lost the slave cylinder 102 miles out of warranty at 36102 miles, first the agency said no dice on warranty, I kept at them and the finally said they would appeal to ford, The service writer gets back to me and says he worked a deal with ford, they will honor warranty but only if I have some $450.00 dollars of Preventative Maintenance work done, I know I got the shaft but at least it got the price down from the original $600 estimate to repair the slave cylinder. I'm fed up with this dealer but we're miles from anyone else.
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