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A couple diesel questions...

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Old 08-02-2005, 01:31 AM
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A couple diesel questions...

Ok a couple of questions for you 6.0 Powerstrokers!

First off, I have a question about the fuel additive PowerService. Is this additive used primarily for the period of time when the temps are getting cool and they fuel stations haven't quite changed over to the winter fuel yet? Or is this something that I should use year round? I know PS is an anti-gel, but it also has the injector cleaners and lubricant properties as well. What do the ALASKAN diesel "pros" recommend?

Second question, I just towed my travel trailer (5,000# roughly) and was wondering what I should be looking for when adjusting the Ford factory brake controller. I have it currently set at 5.0 because it "feels" like the truck and trailer slow down quickly when I step hard on the brake (as in a panic stop). None of the tires left black marks or locked up. What do the little bars under the 5.0 indicate?
Does 5.0 sound like a good setting for this trailer? A friend hauls a gooseneck flatbed and has his set on 2.0 when the trailer is empty. I don't know how heavy the trailer is, but I am just wondering if I am set too high (or low).
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Old 08-08-2005, 03:14 PM
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Powerservice White Bottle for the winter time months. Powerservice Grey for the summer. Some will say use it with every tank and others wont. I use it when I remember to use it. Say every 3rd or 4th tank. Good security for your fuel from freezing up in the winter. White bottle will boost you cetane number by 4 and the grey by 6. I also see a little better MPG using them. Say 1-2. I also like to use it for the lubrication properties.

As for the brake question. Not sure on the integrated system. I have my brake controller at 35-40 when towing my TT (6000). But I also have mine at 10-15 with my flat bed trailer on empty and bump it up to 25 with a load. It varies from trailer to trailer. Does the integrated brake controller have a syn mode that delays the brakes on the trailer? I would assume it does. The 5.0 is the middle of the road of 1-10. At least that is what I think. Mine reads 00-100.
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