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I had an idea...and, well....lets see...

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Old 07-17-2005, 01:26 AM
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I had an idea...and, well....lets see...

I am thinking of taking the motor out of my truck......and putting it in a 63 2 door Ford station wagon. Dont ask why, cause i really dont know if i know why...But, what i do know is....I want to be in the 100 MPH club down at bandimere.....and i think it is possible....to put about 400 into the motor, where it is now, mate it to a C6...shave some weight out of the station wagon ( I dont know how, but id like to loose about 600 pounds off of it...) Throw in some 4.10's in the 9" and run it. I would eventually likely get an overdrive unti for it, and make up for the 4.11 gears with an extra gear for cruising.

To do this, i would need to either part out, or sell my truck minus the motor for a total of about $900 or up...but $900 is the absolute least i could take for it minus the motor. I would also snag out the autometer gauges i have in the console.

If i buy the station wagon, i would get a free 2wd C6 for it, with the bolt pattern i need...and if i help my friend out at his shop, he might help me make the motor mounts, and the tranny mounts, and set up the car...

Anyone interested in my truck minus the motor? I did some digging thru it, and found out that there are only 2 things wrong with it now..the transfer case was out of adjustment since before i got it, and i think either the chain snapped in it, or one of the inner shift forks bent, and its wanting to keep it trowd the neutral position. ALSO the back springs are not broke, rather just worn out, and somehow the spring stack shifted some...

Ive ran some numbers for weight, and rearwheel HP to reach certain ET's and trap times at sea level...

To run a 12.52 @ 104 MPH with a weight of 4000 pounds, and a tire that is 25" in diameter, i would need a motor with 350 rear wheel HP, and use a 3.83 gear. Thats at sea level though, and i dont think i can get that HP with any cam/intake/carb swap...so its not likely...
I could probobally reach it if i did a different cam, a better intake, and some aluminum heads, but i dont wanna spend alot of money, so this scenario isnt likely.

To run a 13.18 @ 98.77 MPH, with a weight of 4000 pounds, with a 25" tire, i would need 300 RWHP, and use a 3.77 gear. this is more likely...and i think i could manage to get 300 HP with a cam swap, using the rest of my existing engine. I might even use a lower gear if i could reach 300 HP, like a 4.10.

I mentioned this possibility to my friend, who has the station wagon as a joke....but we got to thinking about it, and even went out and measured the damn engine bay, and my truck engine, and the truck engine will fit in there, but if i want hedders, ill probobally have to bend my own out....or just swap the 400 exhaust manifolds for some 351c 4v exhaust manifolds, they flow better.

After buying the station wagon, buying materials,and getting far enough along to be done tinkering with the motor and tranny, i would still likely have another $1000-$2000 to spend, to get the car drivable, but hell...My plan is to maybe part the truck out, or sell it minus the motor, and build this station wagon, and get the kinks worked out, then sell my 53 to start a build of something out of the 20's, or early 30's that ill tow behind the wagon.

sory for how damn long this post is, im just in the decision stage right now, and need to convince myself that i can do this. If anyone is interested in buying the truck, or buying parts, lemme know. I will not part anything out untill i know i will sell $900 in parts total, so people can caloborate amongst themselves if there is any common interests here.

Ohh, did i mention....in an effort to get my stepdad to build up his 37 chevy, i challenged him to a "build off".

He knows alot more than i do, makes more money than i do, has more tools than i do, and has a better start than i do...but agreed to let me have the garage until next spring, under the condition that if i brought one car home, i got rid of 2 vehicles. I think i have the 87 sold, and if i do this, i have the 79 gone too...and i can do it. If all else fails, and i need a 4wd, i might be able to talk my friend out of a ****ty old 62-67 he has, but id have to find a ford 9" to replace the one he wanted to take from that truck..if he has a title..

This just keeps going, and going..im sorry. If anyone is possibly interested, i can post everything you could imagine about my truck, its components, and thier condition.

Somebody slap me...cause im loosin my mind....

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Old 07-18-2005, 03:52 PM
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No slappin' here, but another suggestion for you... Check with Freightrain Larry in the FE forum or the 67-72 trucks. He is running a built FE in one of his rides, a racer Wagon and that dog pulls the front wheels...

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Old 07-20-2005, 02:15 AM
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My thought zactly. Freightrain is running a '64 Galaxie Wagon, loves the weight distribution. There's a few other been there-done that, walking encyclopedias posting in the FE forum: Rapid Russ, Scouder, and Bear 45/70 come to mind right now. If they give you crap about the 400, tell them it was that or a SBC a cousin has in a barn somewhere.

My only concern with the '63 is the solid steering column. The Feds mandated collapsable columns and break-away motor mounts because too many people were literally becoming one with their cars after an accident.

Keep us posted, Mike
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Old 07-24-2005, 02:39 AM
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well, ends up im going to rebuild the trannyand transfer case in my truck, try to sell my 53 ford mainline, and build the wagon with a 390.

I am selling my 87 this week, and if i then parted out my 79, id have no 4x4...so im using the money from selling the 87 to fix the 79. Last night at the track a guy seemed pretty interested in my 53 (car) and he might buy it, if he doesnt, maybe someone else will.

My friend im buying the wagon from is gonna throw in a recently rebuilt C6 with trans brake and all..a 390 builder motor, and a set of really good heads with the wagon, so ill probobally build it up a little over a stock gt 390 throw a spool in thr 9", get a stall converter around 3500, and call it good and hopefully have a 13-14 second daily driver , if i can afford the fuel. Im not a big fan of nitrous, but i might throw it on to use at all ford day, and special events like that too.

if anyones interested in my 53...im asking 4500 for it and pics are at this link here My 53 Ford

It could use a few minor things, but what cant...

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Old 07-27-2005, 08:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Colo79Ford
Im not a big fan of nitrous, but i might throw it on to use at all ford day, and special events like that too.
LOL, yeah right! You and all of us know that if you have nitrus hooked up with only a easy-to-reach little toggle switch you are going to use it more than than you think. The only way you won't use it is when th bottle is empty J/K...
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Old 07-27-2005, 11:55 PM
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Thats why im building a station wagon...so the switch can be out of my reach while driving.

In all the vehicles i have owned, ive been able to roll down all the windows while driving. In my truck, i can open the slider window, and close my toolbox if it pops open if when im driving. In my 53 i can roll up and down both the rear windows while driving down the highway...lol..damn armspan.

the nitrous setup is kinda cool, ive been looking into it, and i can manually turn it on by a switch, and also arm it to come on as soon as my carb is at WOT using a little microswitch mounted on the side of the carb that a linkage hits when im floored.

Ill probobally use it on the street...a few times....atleast i wont have to worry about the "speed up, or slow down" pedicament at yellow lights..lol

Im thinking of making old suitcases into my nitrous area...so it just looks like a suitcase or 2 sittin in he back...or maybe even an old guitar case...if it passes NHRA tech...lol then just mount the bottles or bottle in them.

When i saw this post..all i could think was "he met me once, and already knows me this good"..lol...

I found a place online that sells alot of the conversion parts i need, and its thier specialty...so its less than half of what the brand name crap is....so i might end up having a little more money in my budget for some more goodies on the car, but i have to sit down and come up with a budget for it and see..

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