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best bang for the buck?

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Old 05-25-2005, 10:03 AM
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Question best bang for the buck?

My 99 Zx2 escort auto has 90k miles. I have changed the air filter about 10k miles ago to a wix paper, new OE motor craft spark plugs, new wires, new wix fuel filter changed coolant 1 yr ago, changed auto trans fluid pan & transaxle 1 year ago= 13K miles will change transaxle fluid ago in 2 weeks, New gates gater back belt about 6k miles water through AC condenser/rad fins weekly sense I live on a gravel road I also hose off my pulleys to keep the sand out.Change the oil ever 5k using moble 1 5w 30 and va Fl 2005 filter

Question anything I can do to make my car last longer?
What about the performance of this car. The k&n drop in filter does Nothing for my car. So I guess I need a chip and timinng gears. What else?
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Old 05-25-2005, 02:04 PM
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it all really depends on how much $$$$ you want to put down for performance. It seems like you're doing all the right steps for making it last. AS for the performance, i'd start off with platinum plugs, (more powerful spark and they last longer than anything stock, ) then move on from there.
Is the K&N filter something that drops into the existing filter box or is it a cold air intake system. A chip would probably make the most difference.

Good luck bud
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Old 05-30-2005, 02:16 PM
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Autolite Double Plats, its just about the only plug the Zetec really likes on a stock or slightly modified setup.

As far as performance, there are a bunch of sites that cater to the ZX2. Most popular parts or mods are-

Get rid of the intake resonators, or go with a full intake or CAI setup.
Either a cat back exhaust or make your own.
If you have deep pockets, there are turbo and supercharger setups availble.
Cams, gears, etc. A dyno run or 2 are a must when setting cam gears on a Zetec. It has no timing marks to go by, so the only way to realize the best safe gains is by dyno tuning. Since no Zetec cams are set the same way at the factory due to no timing marks, what works for one car will not work with another.

On the note of chips, get the chip LAST, you can then have it burned to work with all the mods you have done, and get the most power. A generic chip on an MTX (manual) ZX2 will not give much gains, and is money better spent on some other mod until you are done.

Check out, Fast Cougar,, and the focus boards, since they all share the same basic engine design. The 98+ Cougar and Contour both have the VCT version, while the Focus does not.
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