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Question about diferences in gas stations.

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Question about diferences in gas stations.

This is for you Ken.
I know that you recomend using Amoco or Mobil Fuel with the Diablo. I recently switched over to Amoco, and have noticed worse mileage with it than the cheapo station I normally fill at and it doesn't seem to run any different. The only thing I wonder about is that the Amaco is 92 octane compared to the 91 everywhere else. Is it just a matter of it being too high of octane for what my chip is programmed for. I have gone through 4 tanks of the Amaco fuel and have not been very impressed so far. If I added a 3rd program to take advantage of the higher octane, how much of a difference in power would I be looking at? I assume very little, but will probably do it anyways eventually. 92 was not available when I got my chip, otherwise I would have had it tuned for that initially, but now since I already have it I will probably add it as my 3rd stage since 92 isn't available back home or in my wife's home town or anywhere else in this state as far as I've noticed.
One other question. There is a thread going on about using acetone as a fuel additive to increase mileage.
Do you know anything about this? Is it an effective octane booster that would help me get the most out of my chip or is it just wishfull thinking? My problem is that I'm already used to the extra power of the chip and want more. You informed me that my current tune is for 92 and will work with 91. Would a 94 tune work with 92 and an octane booster (acetone, if indeed it works) Thanks for your help.
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The recommendation comes primarily from Diablo, because those two brands tend to have consistant higher quality around the country. Your results may (and obviously, have) vary. I've found Amoco works really well with my vehicles, and the generic QuickTrip gas works very well (that could change if they ever change suppliers!). Whether a fuel has alcohol added, the amount of water in the ground tank, etc., can impact it as well (never buy gas at a station when you see the fuel truck there, the water in the ground tank gets stirred up!).

Personally, I've used 90% rubbing alcohol when I run into marginal fule and it works well, plus its very cheap!

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