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The Ultimate Question... Bronco v.s jeep!!!!

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Old 02-24-2004, 11:12 AM
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Talking The Ultimate Question... Bronco v.s jeep!!!!

hey im wondering which one is more capable? ive heared that jeep is the best off roader. but im not so sure those old broncos kick butt! what do you guys think? whats the most extreme off road adventure youve expeirenced?
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Old 02-24-2004, 04:12 PM
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You did read the title of the forum, right?

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Old 02-24-2004, 05:36 PM
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FEracing, you might want to try the FORD vs compition forum.
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Old 02-25-2004, 09:17 AM
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sorry about that. ill use the other forum.
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Old 02-27-2004, 05:21 PM
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A Feep..........
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Old 03-06-2004, 08:59 PM
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i'll vote ford! ive had both, a 85 cj-7 and a 71 bronco, the jeep had a 258 I-6, light-duty 4-spd (no creeper) dana 300 and the gearing im not shure of ,but it was in the range of 2.73- 3.08 had to use low range to pull a 14 ft alum boat out of the boat ramp. the bronco had a 302-2V, 3-on-the-tree, dont know what transfer case it was, had a console shifter with a t-handle that remided me of a ford pinto auto-shifter, manual hubs, 9-inch rear end and 4.10 gearing. the jeep was always blowing a u-joint somwhere, i replaced them all by the time i had it the first year, it was cold in the winter,underpowered and overpriced. the bronco, though it was well worn, always fired right up, was liveable in the winter, and i paid only 800 bucks for it. the only thing bad about it was having four-wheel drum brakes with no power booster, talk about anticipating stops! lask of power steering didnt bother me, even when i switched to 31-11.50 tires. i hated when i had to part with it. i would love to own another some day. i would never have another jeep.
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Old 03-09-2004, 08:51 PM
jmms jmms is offline
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I have owned a 86 CJ-7, a 91 Wrangler, a 1997 Wrangler, and a 2000 Wrangler in the past and my early Bronco is a better built truck for off-roading hands down! The dam Jeep's brake down on the trails to much!
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Old 05-09-2004, 07:34 PM
rdnkjeeper rdnkjeeper is offline
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I haven't had an old Bronco, but my 90 Wrangler is mostly! So I have a FEEP!!!! Have a 302 out of a pick up and a Bronco c4/20. Soon some Ford axles will be under it.
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Old 05-09-2004, 10:27 PM
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"The Early Bronco"....Thats all a Jeep is trying to be when it grows up.... I read that somewhere and just can't let it
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Old 05-10-2004, 03:18 AM
wyldstallyn73 wyldstallyn73 is offline
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I understand why there are so many built up jeeps-they are an excellent configuration to start with, but the only way they are better in stock form than an early bronco is front and rear overhang. Jeeps are cursed with wimpy axles and transmissions. Broncos came with good stout parts-the kind of stuff you have to swap into a jeep if you want to do anything other than pavement cruising.
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Old 05-14-2004, 12:02 AM
broncoman66 broncoman66 is offline
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I have a 66 Bronco and a 79 Jeep Cherokee. The jeep is full size, not a CJ, but atleast it has D44's front and rear, a T15 3 speed, which is a very heavy duty trans, it was even used in Jeep 3/4 ton pick ups. And a Dana 20 'case. But, it isn't as small as my Bronco, so not a completely fair comparison. I always tell Jeep people that own CJ's or even Wrangler's to just get on the creeper and look under my Bronco (which has been updated with D44 front and big bearing 9" rear, all stock 74 Bronco stuff) and then look under a CJ7. Early Bronco's have a superior frame, better driveshafts, better rear end,( I can't dispute Jeep's Dana 30 front end because up until early 70's Bronco used a Dana 30 as well, but at least Ford figured out that was bad), a better low range out of the Bronco's Dana 20 case, 2.46 : 1 versus 2.03 :1 in the Jeeps Dana 20. CJ frames are notorious for excessive flex if used hard and in turn leads to cracked bodies. The Bronco frame is much more rigid. Both Jeeps and Broncos came with crappy ratios in their 3 speed manuals. Jeep did at least offer the T18 4 speed with granny low. I will give them credit for that. One thing they both share is that they both will rust like crazy. I hate to say it, but I do kind of like them both. Obviously, I own both! However, no one really notices my Cherokee, my Bronco gets looks and compliments.
A lot of Jeepers say that the ****** Jeep won WWII, well I say to that, Look at the facts, Ford made more Jeeps in WWII that ******' did!! I say that is why they held up so well!

66 Bronco 5.0 SEFI 3 speed
79 Cherokee 258 3 speed
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Old 05-14-2004, 01:27 AM
2003 mcs 2003 mcs is offline
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broncoman66 I would notice your FSJ! When I bought my Gladiator I was surprised that the trucks frame (after engine) was an open c-channel. I then looked at my brothers 69 Bronco frame........boxed!! Talk about a strong frame. I would also agree old Bronco are better than old CJ's.
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Old 05-14-2004, 02:49 PM
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Classic bronco by far... all of the "Good Jeeps" out there usually aren't Jeeps at all. They usually have big dana axles robbed out of something, and I typically see them with chevy powerplants, just a Jeep body. I did have an old J10 that was a good old truck, but it was an AMC Dodge 360 and a TF727 tranny, Chevy heavy half axles, GM ignition and powersteering, ford donated an AC compressor and some other misc. stuff. What a crazy ride to work on... I still have nightmares, lol. But the new wrangler and rubicon are pretty capable vehicles.
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Old 05-17-2004, 03:36 PM
74ExplorerHalfcab 74ExplorerHalfcab is offline
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BRONCO the Best?

Jeep vs. Early Bronco.

I don't really know which are better Jeeps or Broncos. It all depends on what you want. I have both. The primary reason I bought my Grand Cherokee was that I needed a 4-door kid hauler that I knew would be capable off road (in the future I may actually want to wheel it, now it's too nice). I think it's head and shoulders above anything else offered in a smaller utility by GM (get Real), Dodge (too Fat), or Ford (too Soft). It's the only 4x4 sport utility that offers solid Dana axles. The only other 4x4's I would consider would have been an Xterra (too top heavy) or Four Runner (too underpowered).

I could have bought just another CJ (semi-cool), YJ (ugly), or TJ (underpowered) but why? I don't plan on modifying anything out the hilt nor do I plan on entering any rock crawling championships.

The Early Bronco offers the best of all worlds. It's Strong, Capable, Unique, and Beautiful. It's a basic vehicle with no gizmo's gadgets or unneeded do-dads. It is a true "utility" vehicle. It has the Ideal wheelbase (note that Jeep just came out with an extended wheelbase wrangler).

My first Bronco was an 88 full size. It's a great handling full size vehicle with a lot of torque and the only thing that would even come close might be a full size Blazer. It's only limited by its departure angle and its twin traction beam Dana44 (witch is yet to cause one minutes problem).

One of these days Ford might realize that there are people out there who desire a medium size two door vehicle with V8 power, solid axles, and a boxed frame. Please spare us from independent suspensioned, electric shift transfer cased, pseudo, car based wanna be 4x4's. The Escape would have been ultra cool had it been placed on a frame with solid axles a real transfer case. The diesel thing in the new Bronco might be cool but please give something close to the original as possible.

Hey here is an idea. Let Ford or any other manufacturer offer something basic like a Bronco with no cloth or leather upholstery, with removable doors and top, and solid axles. It doesn't need power locks or windows, keyless entry, or a DVD player. Oh and sell it to us under $20k. They could do it but there is way too much profit in all the things we don't really need. Where are the real 4x4's of the 21st century? Oh well I guess in 20 years we will all be driving a TJ and thatís not as bad as an Element, Highlander, or Trailblazer.

My advise is go find a nicer 78-79 full size bronco while the prices are low. They are great trucks that were built by men for men. And will one day be as sought after as Fords other classic 4x4.

Last edited by 74ExplorerHalfcab; 05-17-2004 at 03:38 PM.
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Old 03-28-2014, 11:10 PM
Muddn7 Muddn7 is offline
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Bronco or Jeep, long story of growing up...

I have always loved the off-road sport, and just getting away from the norm. I had a fair addiction to off-road magazines 20 years ago as a teenager. Here are the vehicles and steps I have made concerning the 2:
16-1974 Bronco, 302/C4/Spicer 20/PS...
18-1979 CJ-5, 258/T150/Dana 20/PS...
19-1987 Bronco, 302/E4OD/TTB 44/8" rear
21-1979 Bronco, 400M/NP435/44/9" rear
26-1973 and 74 CJ5's/258 and 304/3spd. trans/30 frt./44 rears

Sold both for my newest toy at the time:
1973 Ford Bronco, 302, 3spd., Spicer 20, 44 front, 9" rear... My Changes:
351W/RV Cam/650 Holley/Dual Flow water pump, LUK clutch, NP435, 4:56.1 gears, Detroit lockers, superior axle shafts, and the list goes on and on... I use mine for toying on Rocks in NM. I pull Jeeps out on just about every occasion that I go. I have the weight, power, and strength to carry the tools. If I get stuck (once since I moved here), it took two vehicles to get me out. I am street legal, and love my old toy. I have purchased 2 other Broncos since then. Both for parts and when I get off of the rocks.
My previous friend Has been a Jeep fan since I met him. Started with a 76 304 powered CJ7, once we replaced his axle shafts in the Rear 20, and got him capable, he required a granny gear....The list then went on and on. He has since owned a 3.8, and a 3.6 jeep. He now has neither, and is onto his next step.
I like My Early Bronco addiction, and plan to hold onto them as long as the wife lets me. Build it the way you want.... Just remember; my Bronco requires a lot less upgrading in parts than any Jeep, and has been known as the capable recovery vehicle...
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