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6.9l swapped into 78 f150 4x4 TWIN turbo!!

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6.9l swapped into 78 f150 4x4 TWIN turbo!!


Old 04-19-2018, 09:57 PM
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Man with all this positivity, who would ever think doing what you want with your own truck would create such chipper and excited people to follow the build? As far as experience? I have years of high level (and low level) experience under my belt. I work for a metal fabrication company so all of the work and materials I get at scrap prices! I want to push this engine till it breaks. I have researched this engine and the whole ford diesel line up since I was a young boy. I donít really need anyoneís help or knowledge of the engine as I have spent countless hours and years on end doing research on this engine. Have I tried to move a CS closer to the engine before? No! But for all you naysayers, itís 2018! Times are changing so why canít someone do a build that some of the masses say ďit canít be done or it shouldnítĒ. If I wanna burn the truck to the ground than so be it! If I wanna swap a lawn mower engine in and fab up an adaptor for a ZF5 than thatís what Iíll do! Yíall shouldnít be downing anyoneís build, you should at least think it would be interesting seeing how obviously ďno one has done it.Ē How bout this, Iím GOING TO DO IT. If you think itís dumb than cool. I really donít care. Iíll keep posting my stuff and I hope everyone continues to follow so they will see that it can and will be done. Sorry for blowing up but I just wanted to do a thread that would be different and interesting. Follow if you want but donít really care what your negative opinion consist of so keep Ďem to yourself. By the way, I got my intake done today. Iíll post pics later
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Old 04-19-2018, 10:51 PM
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I don't want to disuade you, but be practical about certain things: Go talk with Justin @ R&D IDI Performance:
1. He's already taken a studded 7.3 to destruction - 450-ish at the wheels. That's all the connecting rods will handle, and 6.9s are no stronger.
The head gaskets(due to 7/16 studs) are the weak link on a 6.9. If you want to use a 69, use your metal fabrication experience and build a jig to upsize the 7/16 holes to 1/2-13 thread. It's doable(despite what people say about diameter, the threads will hold just fine).
2. He's already done the modded pump bits and figured out a working solution. If you want more than 110ccs out of a DB2(stock is 90 CCs), you need more plungers - a DB4 pumping element. With that, well, he's done 150-180 CCs. More than that? P-pump time.
3. Boost is not power. Figure out what sort of fuel you are going to be able to pump through the engine, calculate lbs/min of air flow to burn it, and then figure out your turbo sizes from that. A single S360 turbo can push 25 PSI of boost(and like 300-350 RWHP worth of air), simply enough - just go for a .63 exhaust housing on it if you expect it to spool!

Some people here aren't particularly interested in performance... but some are. You do want to listen to the advice of people who have already done it, take what they have learned and go from there... but remember, it's still a guessing-game.
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Old 04-20-2018, 09:16 AM
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I'm just trying to be realistic. Just one man's take on this, but it seems you have no plan and no goals aside from 25 psi of boost with two turbos. That's not where you start. You mentioned some ballpark power numbers, and indicated you may not use this truck for any towing. I'm guessing you don't care about driveability since the truck won't do any work. You also indicated you may just replace the IDI with a DT360 soon. An IDI build to get those numbers will be very expensive, and to get those numbers in the manner you describe in this particular vehicle will be very time consuming.

Why spend a fortune for something you're just gonna toss in a corner in a year or two? Maybe money is no object for you, but it still seems like a waste of time. Either go with a simple and proven IDI build or spend less time and money and have a better performing engine with a cheap and easy bolt in 460 build, then do your DT360 project when the time comes. I'll be amazed if this grand project doesn't fizzle out and never get completed, but keep sharing, we enjoy projects and pictures.
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Old 05-07-2018, 11:47 PM
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TurboSurge is starting off with a positive reputation.

I put skne F350 coils on to take the added weight and the shocks I had on the truck( probably original) were shot so I had a brand new set of perfect length struts that have been sitting on the shelf for years and I thought, why not so I cut the extra stuff off and bolted them in place and man does it ride SO much smoother now! Also I finished the intake a while back, put it on and decided it was alright but I wanted something more so I have been working on a new intake to mimic the Banks Duramax one. Also, Iím getting a new cam from Typ4 and going to have the pre cups CNCíd out to .75 tho. My HX35ís are on their way and the exhaust manifolds are still needing to get the final tig. I Lasered our 3/8 SS flanges than tacked some SS pipe that is the same diameter as the exhaust port to the flanges (they were 1 3/4Ē or something by 3Ē long) than I used 2Ē SS as a single runner and pie cut to a t3 flange for the HX to sleep on. As far as oil feed and return, Iím going to make an adapter plate to go over the old mech fuel pump hole and run both returns into there instead of putting holes in my oil pan. I also got a remote mount coolant filter head from my semi that Iím going to plumb in. Further updates to come.
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