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CDL for f350?


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In N.C. any trailer weighing 10k or more requires a CDL (Usually not enforced on camping trailers).The tags on my truck are for 21k, 11k truck and 10k trailer. In N.C. they do enforce weights on equipment trailers regardless of commercial or personnel use. I would check both states you plan on operating in to see how they deal with the license and if it is weight restricted. Also look into what weight you have for the tag on the truck. I read a few years back where a guy was hauling 5 bundles of railroad ties to do some landscaping and he was popped for weight in excess of his tag and over 10K on his trailer it was a big fine.
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every state is different. My truck is a 14k registration and 20K on the trailer.
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Originally Posted by senix View Post
every state is different. My truck is a 14k registration and 20K on the trailer.
The basic CDL requirements are the same no matter where. Vehicle registration varies. Now, some states may require you to test for vehicles greater than 26,000 pounds, equipped with air brakes etc used in private or agricultural settings.

One of things I encounter in an enforcement setting is businesses registering their vehicles for 26,000 pounds thinking that they’ll bypass the CDL requirements. They are weighed out and way over 13 tons. Then, I look at the ratings on the combination and see it requires a CDL to operate. Even looking at the ratings it’s easy to see who needs a class A and who doesn’t.

The question you you need to ask yourself is “am I making money or trying to make money doing this?”
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I think 1979 Ford is the most correct on this matter....If I am not making $ using my class A there are many reasons to just give it up.
I do think there is some wrong information here. If you read my post clearly you will understand it seems like (they) are attempting to make it more & more difficult to just (hold on ) to a Class A if you are not activity using it. Issue #1 is simply the cost of it (something like $75 plus for extra endorsements). Then issue #2 is needing to present the medical certificate. (It costs money to get that every 2 years, And if you really are not using your class A it's money wasted). Not to mention the issue of being able to pass the medical. But there is something of a (loophole) that you can use so you do NOT have to supply the DMV with a current DOT medical certificate, But it has it's limitations. If you choose one of the "Excepted" classes (which I believe there are two of). It says you mainly transport bees, passengers (not for hire), agricultural equipment... But there are parts of those activities that limit you to 150 miles of the home base farm. BUT, I don't think either the DOT Cops at the scales OR the DMV would put together or have any issue if you had the Class A (with NO MEDICAL ON FILE) but were hauling PERSONAL RV or other such thing that in NO WAY seemed to be a commercial enterprise. Say a big F-450 hauling a goosneck (maybe you have air brakes)... As long as you are not trying to cheat the tax man and register the vehicle for a lower weight than you are hauling OR that the trailer exceeds the weight rating of the tow vehicle... I don't think any Dot Cop is going to screw with you. What I REALLY MEAN is I don't think (they) will pick up on the fact that your Class A is (related) to a "excepted" (Non Medical Card required) "occupation". Especially because you are not currently (when pulled over) using for that purpose. BUT at least you have it (A Class A rating) if there is any reason you need it (say for the possible air brakes mentioned, OR because of hauling a gooseneck on a 5th wheel pickup. I mention that because if you read the Florida laws carefully they make it sound like ANY 5th wheel operations require a commercial registration AND therefore a Class A license.
Yes it's all quite confusing, State laws vs. registration types vs. license types...
Again, I think it's got to be just another money making thing as there was NO REASON to change the way the laws USE TO BE. If you had a Class A and were not employed & using it there was no reason to "downgrade it". Neither was there a reason to keep your medical up to date.
After all, your not working right now so why should you keep paying a doctor to (inspect) YOU! If you get a job, many times the Employer sends you to HIS doctor at HIS expense. That's the time to get your physical and you already have the Class A. No Bullsh*# of having to get back to your home state where you have the class A & start with an IN PERSON visit just to pay more fees to have it (Class A) reinstated and physically hand them the DOT Medical from some doctor from another start... It's just a LOT of CRAP!
I might just attempt to pay the fee & keep it because I really don't trust these state DMV's when they say getting it reinstated is "easy". Maybe they just don't understand that everybody doesn't live in a house with a white picket fence with 2 and 1/2 kids and a dog and goes to work at 9 a.m. & returns home at 5 p.m Some of us are actually across the country for weeks or months at a time and it is not easy to just BE THERE when it's time to renew or reinstate your license!.
I'm not sure some of the above comments about having to start all over again are correct if you give it up BUT I do think these dip****s can change the laws at any time and it might just happen that in the future you WILL have to start all over again. Right now I think it's more about paying money and being there in person with some documents. Seems the thing they are focusing in on is the up to date DOT Medical Certificate AND now requiring that information be "on file" in THEIR computer system. Previously, all the DOT Cop was shown when he looked at your papers was your little wallet card that showed you had a current medical & the expiration date & some doctors name scribbled on it.
Lets face it....That is EASILY forged/copied & "doctored". (I KNOW). (They) the cops were not "verifying" any part of that information. NOW they WILL BE because it's going to be part of what shows up when they run your license! This is how "slippery slopes" start. Next you will have to PROVE & Supply the name of your CURRENT EMPLOYER. Then it will become the DRIVERS responsibility to prove he is part of a random drug testing program (most owner operators already have to do this). Can only imagin what's next!? DDT
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Originally Posted by FuzzFace2 View Post

I drive a trailer truck and got pulled over by DOT for "by passing a scale" I was not, my drop was just down the road off that exit.
I showed the BOL with the address and all was good.
Dave - - - -
I had to laugh when I read this. I've been stopped more than a few times at weigh stations on the interstates in Pennsylvania & West Virginia, driving an F250 for commercial use. It has the company name & a DOT # on it, so I have to go thru the stations. While I've sat in the station having my paperwork, license, medical card, & truck & trailer inspected from end to end, I watch the highway & marvel at all the commercial trucks that blow by the weigh station, never go thru. I'm talking tractor trailers, tri axles, garbage trucks, small trucks with DOT #'s, all vehicles that should stop. I always wondered why those guys aren't busted for "bypassing a scale".

I will say that the WV police that run their weigh stations are the strictest, & do the most in depth inspections. But, they have treated me fairly. I was going to get a $500 gift from them, & had the paperwork in my hand ready to sign. This was after a 45 minute inspection. The officer said "wait, I forgot to check the horn & wipers on your truck, give me the paperwork back". I smiled & said no problem!, horn & wipers worked. Then he said "I forgot to check for flares & first aid kit". i requested permission to get out of the truck as those items were stowed behind the seat. He gave his OK on everything, then told me to accompany him inside the office. Uh Oh I thought. He had me sit at an empty desk while he tapped away on a computer for 5 minutes. He asked me to come over to his desk, & told me he had changed my fine to a warning! Made me happy! Original fine was for the company name being too small on the truck, needs to be legible from 20 feet, & it wasn't.

If you do get stopped, be exceedingly polite, do not lie about anything, don't get out of the truck unless you OK it with the officer.
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