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Hi, I'm really a old man


Old 11-14-2017, 08:11 PM
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Hi, I'm really a old man

I have a 99 ford F350 7.3 with a short bed. When i bought this truck in Feb 99, I ordered dually fender a set of rims and other items and made a set of adapter to fit the dual to a single wheel rear. I pulled a 42' - 6 horse trailer with partial living quarters. I add a full banks kit. I ordered the truck with a 6 speed and added other little things along the way. The truck now has 325,000 miles plus. I'm retired from the horse business but won't sale my truck. About 2 months ago I did my winter jack up and serviced everything under the body from brakes to oil and what ever. About a year before I had a issue with a few glow plugs, which had never been replaced. But, early this year it became hard to start unless I had the block heater plugged in. It isn't driven like it was in it's younger days, but normally once a week or more anyway. So, I figured I'd try to conquer the glow plugs not working issue. I checked the relay and it wasn't happening. So, replace it. Heat to plugs. Still was starting right without plugging in. Then hard start. Now this really started bugging me. I've done 99% of all the work on this truck from get go. I had a good instructor that was a ford man. He gone now, so figured maybe I need to look for help. Ya think. I removed the valve covers, which as you know ain't easy. removed batteries and turbo cooler tubes and a few other things to get to the covers.
I found wasn't getting contact to 2 glowplugs on passenger side and one on drivers side. Also that the wiring harness had a few cracks in the wires. Replaced all this, even pulled plugs and tested them. All good. Tried to start, nope. So, figured after reading tons articles online that there could be more to this headache than a hangover. I read on one of your threads, "cranks but won't start, no smoke" figured that me. So, I joined and hope someone can shed some light. I will bring you up to date as to what I have done.
I sent the CPM, memory board under the dash by the ebrake to and place in the midwest. They tested it and sent it back, A-OK. well that was $115.00 out, Since I had replace the CPS, or CCS the little thingy down front of the engine by pulleys. Ford had a recall and this was replaced about 5 years ago. So, had the old one that had been replaced probably a year before. Think I replaced this item at least once a year since truck was new. Always kept a few in truck. along with the tools. No, start, I hate throwing parts at something. I don't have a friend close with a machine or OB??11. The ford dealer where I'm at is not my friend.
So, I bought a IPR, and the other thingy in the HPOP, solenoid valve. When I replaced it, I lost very little oil and figured when I cranked it the reservoir would refill from the pan. O'well not sure as of this writing. Pulled the wire on the part on the left head that tell when there is 500 PSI. Still no start or smoke. Needless to say this old f--- is becoming flustered. Anyone got a hint on what might be the problem. Now this truck ran great when it started.
Someone said replace the GEM module. With a clutch this is a real Pain in the A--. So, maybe someone got a hint. Thanks to all..................
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