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Installing 08-10 Super Duty w/ Sunroof Roof Clearance Cab Lights

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Old 11-29-2013, 03:54 AM
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Installing 08-10 Super Duty w/ Sunroof Roof Clearance Cab Lights

Sunroof seal can be avoided if you want to save a few hundred bucks and time, by working harder and longer. I did. . 10 mon, 10 tues. 20 hrs and I suggest working alone if its ur truck, taking ur time... I finally finished and I didnt have the energy to take another video (I posted a short one on youtube = 2008 F350 roof clearance cab lights OEM) and the quality is brutal....I took pics and I know some important ways to save you time on installation and damaging truck !!!

Affter taking apart visors, pillars, grab handles, overhead dome light, making template (see bottom for basic layout)...

1. Take your time !!!!

2. When using Ford lights and harness, drill your holes for the center plugs, which are square, using a 7/8 or 15/16 hole bit and the 2 small ones can be slightly larger than there diameter... Drill at the angle of your placement. I used 3/4 and I used 20 bits boring them out to fit. I know they are tight, but took me hours of wasted time. Dremel tool would have been best, but I thought of it after.

3. Keep in mind, that if you have a sunroof, you will be working through the overhead dome light hole / access... Its tight and very time consuming. Its all about the position of your arm and body. It will work, if you keep at it...

4. You need some long extensions and swivels... 10mm sockets and ratchet wrenches work okay on the ones beside the center one. 8" center to center... then roughly 13 to the outside lights (center).

5. This is where you will need to make sure you position the lights directly above the 3" area you MUST hit..... Take your time and eyeball, tape and try anything you can (magnet from top - strong enough to work through the roof). The lights dont run straight, unless you just want them that way. They follow the radius contour of the windshield, which is near exact the same as the sunroof. I think a good reference line is 3/4"off the sunroof and the 2 outside ones are turned slightly. You will remember when you measure the 13"

6. Drill away, and let the nerves go...... I used plenty of tape and my drill walked a few times and it hurts, but the tape helped tremendously..

7. Test the fit of them and step back and look. you can adjust your outer small holes, to turn if you need to. The center square is tapered, so the holes are suppose to be bigger than the tip of plug.

8. Now you need to make sure you can fish out the harness plugs, through the holes in the roof. I dont believe in string or coat hangers, or anything else besides the flexible solder wire, I think its a 1/4, but anything close will work. Bend a hook on the end and fish away. This was the easiest part for me.

9. Plug them all in and set in place, step back and look again. Run a test wire or wires from your harness, and run to a drill battery or whatever you have to make sure they all light up. If none of them do, your ground isnt grounded or your power isnt powering. Test til you have all lit up.....

10. THIS IS WHERE I SCREWED UP !!! - MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ALL THE NUTS FOR THE LIGHTS (2 EACH)- I added sealant to bottoms and realized I was missing/lost 2 nuts and I couldnt secure 1 fully. I put 1 on each of the 2 easiest to access. (center) And ordered 2 more- I think they are in my truck somewhere !!!!!

11. You will be blowing off metal shavings and taking off the template tape.

12. This is the time where you decide what your gonna do for sealant. I bought 2 tubes of silicone, and found it it was white, and it wasnt going to dry clear, I was PISSED ! Now its raining and I wasnt driving with 15 holes in my roof. I used the white and a big glob of roofing tar where I could, but its a mess and can ruin your whole day/night.....

11. You now have sealant under them and pushed into place, you will begin to tighten them down. If you dont have all 10 nuts, improvise FAST

12. These are hard to get to and tighten both sides down, so my advice is do 1 sealant on 1 light at a time...... Take it easy with pulling down on the headliner to aggressively and in a hurry. Lots of little flashlights and some shims to hold the liner down a few inches on the side.

13. Heres the kicker... If you have a super duty, make sure you have the SMART PLUG... It is located under the driver side and mounted to the body on left side. You will have to work your way up to it and pull it off the body clip. Theres 2 wires running to it and the plug does NOTHING !! If you have a true harness, you will plug it up and be done. If you have to run 2 wires from the top , tying into your wires on lights, you will splice the violet colored wire and tie your power wire into the violet one and ground the other one. This runs your parking lights and you will have control of them by your light switch and work when your parking lights work.... If you have the plug, your golden. Run your wires down the A pillar (drivers side) and hook up.

14. Put all your visors, pillars, grab handles back into place. Double check everything before you do and make sure tight is right on the nuts again. Leave off your overhead dome light, til you can drive it and listen for air or see daylight anywhere,. If you think its good to go, button it all up and enjoy.....

I hope I was able to help someone and they get to save some time and money from this.... I have pics and will try to post soon. The video was brutal and it started after I had taken apart the interior and so forth. Thats pretty self explanatory. Everything up front with a screw or bolt, comes off...


13" 8" 8" 13"

Pics will be here somehow soon.... Take care
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