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7.3L PSD information

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Old 06-19-2013, 01:07 PM
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7.3L PSD information

I've been gathering information between the many different threads/websites regarding a 7.3L PSD swap into a Bronco, F150/250 from like 92-96.

I would like to just put all the information out there so it isn't scattered all over in bits and pieces and clear up a few questions of my own as well.

For the first part I know that the easiest way to do it is to get a donor truck so that way you can just swap over everything much easier and not have to constantly chase down parts.

Electronics: Under hood wiring harness, computer, dash cluster, dash wiring, frame wiring (maybe?)

Suspension: There are a few routes here.
1) Stay with the Bronco's factory axles, but you will need beefier springs in the front.
2) Take the axles off the donor truck and swap them onto the bronco.
-The 250 has the D50 TTB with leafs in the front (from what I hear)
-The 350 has a solid D60 in the front with leafs.
3) Rear axles. Again you can stay with the stock if you aren't gunna powerhouse the crap out of it. (Guy at broncorama had it that way.)
-I was told that the 80-86 bronco's with a 9" rear were the beefiest because it had a thick 31spine rear end.
- Get a D60 or 10.25 rear to take the torque.

Engine/Engine Bay: Clearly you will be taking the PSD from the donor. Since the bronco frame is the same as the 250 (and 350?) the engine mounts will line up with each other. (Many people have said so.) It may require a little bit of tinkering with the firewall though depending on a downpipe I believe and turbo clearance.

- You will need to use the insulation or get your own for against the firewall due to more heat.

- You will need the core support from the PS truck because the radiator is larger.

-You will need the cross member from the PS truck. The 460/PSD share the same x-member, but I don't think it will work with a small block x-member. I think if it does you will have to patch the pre-cut whole for the oil filter.

-Either the E4OD or ZF-5 from behind the diesel is required. The bell housing and shift points are different from gas to diesel.

-I believe they make a controller for an automatic transmission if your donor comes with a manual, but you want an automatic instead. (don't quote me on that.)

Transfer case:
I believe that I read that all Ford t-cases have the same bolt pattern. (not sure on that one.) and I have also read that, for example my BW 1356 behind my E4OD will bolt up to a ZF-5, so I believe if you have a good t-case it will bolt behind the diesel trans even though the t-case they have is a BW1345?

Interior: I believe the pedals from the PSD have to go into the new truck because the PS is electronically controlled throttle? Also I was told by the guy at Broncorama that they had to do some fab work regarding where the computer sets behind the dash. (He bought his complete, built by actual Ford technicians.)

I know that this is a difficult swap and costs quite some $$$, but I would rather have a 7.3L then a cummins.

351W = ~400 lbs
Cummins = ~5-600 lbs?
PSD = ~1000 lbs

One thing that I haven't checked on yet is reliability of the PS engines once they hit the 250-300k mark (which is what my 351W is at.) so I will update on that as I get more.

Feel free to correct anything I have wrong because I want to know as much as possible before I get into this swap.
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Old 06-20-2013, 05:30 PM
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sounds like you got this pretty much nailed. be aware that some of the bronco dash wiring will need to stay like for instance the rear window switch wiring and window defrost both of which wont be included with Truck wiring.

check this out for hanging a solid front axle via leaf under the bronco.
OBS RSK SD Spring Hanger Conversion Kit

rear hangars for front leaf setup
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