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Junk 1990 Headlight switch, AutoZone.

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Old 08-19-2011, 06:34 PM
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I'm gonna get that harness in the future, though if I do that I'll definitely wanna go with relays.

guess what, now my dome light switch isn't working (when you turn it all the way) unless you wiggle it. Looks like this BWD is going back.

I'm extremely frustrated right now.
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Old 08-24-2011, 10:48 PM
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Keep going Errors, sounds like you about have the gremlin nailed down. Sorting through a wiring harness with almost a hundred wires in it take lots of patience! I have experienced the dimmer switch problem, driving down the highway at 60 mph and headlights go out. not fun. I had a problem with the potetiometer or that spring looking thing at the front of the switch once. I replaced it with a used OEM I had kept and havent had another problem yet.
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Old 02-17-2013, 04:14 AM
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Originally Posted by ErrorS View Post
Well, apparently all I was doing with the switch working halfway out was 'shorting' the switch and giving power to the dome/taillights from the headlight power feed, so a badly built switch just confused me.
I found that there are multiple power supply wires, a seperate one for dome and/tail lights and it was shorted.

See, common sense says I shouldn't get power to tail or dome if there was a short or blown fuse, which is why this was so annoying to troubleshoot. It shouldn't 'sometimes' work or only work under certain conditions.. but because of the weird switch design, I could make them work if I had the stupid switch out halfway.

If anyone runs into this, Tan/White to the switch powers the dash lights and taillights. I found out that it wasn't supplying any power at all.. shorted a wire and blew a fuse in the old switch. At least, I think, haven't replaced the fuse or checked the wire yet.

Sorta glad I went through this though, apparently the Autozone switches only last a few months, this BWD is definitely a better switch AND it was a few bucks cheaper.
Well, I am glad I found this thread and this post. I am having the same exact problems with my 1989 F250. I thought it was odd that I could only get both headlights and taillights working if I carefully placed the switch at 1 1/2 position. A fraction either way and I lost one end. The shorting between the headlight terminal and the taillight terminal makes sense.

I have had my truck since 1998. I drive it very little in reality, pull boats, snow machines and haul stuff. I have had no problems with lights until about a year ago and Boom! same exact symptoms as the OP. I figure no problem, change out the switch. I have a Motorcraft switch from a parts truck. Pop it in and… NO CHANGE!! I think maybe two bad switches so I order a new one, turns out to be a “Standard Motor Products” T-Series DS268T switch. I plug it in and same symptoms. I read some forum posts and find many issues related to the nine wire plug at the switch. I order a replacement and install it (cut, solder and heat shrink). Plug in the NEW switch and I can’t get it to “short” and make both lights (head & tail) come on. I plug in the second Motorcraft switch and I can get this one to “short”. I got lights! … sort of…

I read my wiring diagrams and look at the switch to come up with an idea. Nothing happening up there. I read some forum threads and I find this one. I have some questions about the above post:

My diagram shows that the Tan/white wire comes from 15Amp fuse position #4. I am seeing that the Brown wire goes to the marker lights and taillights. The Blue/red wire powers the instrument panel/dash lights. The Blue/red gets its power through the rotating dimmer wheel which is powered directly from the Brown wire. No power to Brown, no power to Blue/red. Are you saying that I am getting no power from Tan/white which in turn means no power to Brown? What was your fix?

What do you mean “blew a fuse in the old switch”. I see no indication that there is a fuse in the switch, only the fuse box. Do I need a new switch (which one, BWD?) or just replace that one wire?

Thanks for your post! Hope you are still around! Hope you have it all worked out!
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Old 02-17-2013, 04:15 AM
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Originally Posted by ErrorS View Post
I'm not sure which is dome light.. black/pink is one of them, don't know if its the feed wire or not though.
The Green/yellow is the incoming door switch for dome light and the Black/pink is the power to the Dome light.
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